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Dr. Ng. Shantikumar’s Autobiography ‘My journey’ and documentary film released


An Autobiography book ‘My Journey’ (a landless peasant’s son on top of the world) and documentary film ‘Kanglei Athouba Mapari’ (the great son of Kangleipak/Manipur) purely based on the life and struggle of Mr. world 2013 title holder Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei were released today in a function held at Lamyanba Shanglen, Palace compound Imphal here.

The releasing function was attended by Nongthombam Maipak (Mr. India), M. Harekrishna, IAS, Elangbam Sunilkumar, social worker, P. Bripachand. Writer and critic,  Boby Wahengbam, Film maker and Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei as presidium members.

Dr. Ngangbam Shantikumar Meetei, Mr. World 2013 who is also working as Professor of English in Taiwan narrated the gathering on how he could arrive at the pinnacle of success from his humble cowherd life in the village.

Revealing the untold misery of his family, he said,” whenever there wasn’t enough rice for the whole family, my mother used to gather a lot of wild vegetables like “Pangkhokla” from nearby and cook with the rice we had. It was some kind of soft rice known as UTTI, a Manipuri cuisine. But it was difficult for me to accept those meals as my main meals. Without rice in our meals, I never felt like I had my meal. I was so happy whenever I saw enough rice in the kitchen. My family was among the poorest of the poor in our village. To me, eating real food like rice regularly was the greatest luxury in the world”.

Despite all these miseries in life, I never stopped dreaming big and visualizing the better things beyond my poor life. During my life in DM College, I could not buy even an underwear. I even managed to sell blood to afford my requirements. During life in JNUUniversity, I earned as salesman and Tutor, sometimes working at Airports and Gyms to pay hostel fees and buy books, recalled he.

He appealed the youngsters to have firm determination, will power to shine in life with flying colors.

M. Harekrishna, IAS said that the book based on Dr. Shantikumar is very relevant to the present Manipuri social context where value system is completely lost and only the few people having money power and nexus with high officials or Ministers are generally considered successful persons. The book will be instrumental to inculcate value system, dignity of labour among the people of the state.

 Dr. Shantikumar has been an iconic figure, observed he.






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