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Dynamic Manipur’s Inspiration Episode 4: Higher Education on October 3, 2014


Dynamic Manipur is organizing an Inspiration Episode 4 on the October 3, 2014 at Hotel Imphal, at 11:00 am. The theme of Inspiration Episode 4 is “Higher Education as a Career Choice”

Three resource persons have been invited to present their talks focusing on Higher Education and its prospects.

1.  Dr. Raj Singh, President, WiseWorld Immigration and Educational Consultants, Canada,

Topic: How to Prepare for Studying Abroad

2.  Prof. Ngangkham Nimai Singh, Physics Department, Manipur University,

Topic: Opportunities and Challenges for Pursuing Higher Education

3.  Dr. Jibon K S Leihaothabam, Manipur Institute of Management Studies, Manipur University,

Topic: Changing Dynamics of Higher Education

The basic idea behind organizing this particular Inspiration episode is to make the students understand the opportunities and future career options one can opt for their future. Additional information on admission to various universities of India and foreign countries for scholarship based programs will be provided in the form of pamphlets. Student participants will be encouraged more on interaction with the speakers to know more about Higher Education and clarify their doubts.

Entry to the event is free, yet one needs an “Entry Pass” to join “Inspiration Episode 4”.

Dynamic Manipur will issue a limited number of Entry Pass though online medium. Registration is FREE, yet one needs a valid “Entry Pass” to attend the similar..

How to get an Entry Pass Online

1.      Fill the online form http://goo.gl/LN9rXM with the following information

– Name:

– Address:

– Phone Number

– Email:

– Facebook ID (if any):

– Occupation:

– Organization/School/College:

– How do you come to know about this event DM Inspiration™ 4 (Referrer):

– Tell us why you to attend DM Inspiration™ Episode 4:


Note: All the above information except FB id is compulsory and DM will not issue an “Entry Pass” with incomplete information.

2.      DM will respond to you by email/phone to confirm the issuance of the Entry Pass number against your name within 24 hrs of application. DM will provide instructions on how/where to collect the “Entry Pass”

3.      Bring the Entry Pass on the day of the event. One will not be allowed to enter the event hall without a valid Entry Pass.

Partners of Dynamic Manipur’s Inspiration Episodes 3, 4 and 5 of 2014 

Official Partners

Babina Diagnostics

Hotel Classic

CC Tea – The Sui Generis Inc.

Shija Hospitals & Research Institute

WiseWorld Immigration and Education Consultants

Likla – Thangjam Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Media and Printing Partners


Impact TV

The People’s Chronicle

Siroi Offset Printers, Thoubal

Endorsing Partners

MIMS, Manipur University

Korea Manipuri Association (KMA)

North American Manipur Assn (NAMA)

Manipuri Association of Canada (MAC)

Malaysian Manipuri Assn (MMA)

More about Dynamic Manipur

Dynamic Manipur is a non-profit organization (filed for society registration recently) with a mission to uplift the State of Manipur through Society’s Motto of “Dynamic Change for Dynamic Manipur” and Society’s Vision of “Inspire and Empower the Youths; Create a Prosperous Manipur”.

 The primary objective of Dynamic Manipur is based on “EDUCATION, CONSULTANCY AND INSPIRATION as described in Objective I of DM’s Memorandum of Association. In order to fulfill it, DM needs to engage with the youth of Manipur. One approach among others in this regard is by making a platform to interact with the renowned personalities of Manipur and also with DM core members. In this regard, DM project – Inspiration Episodes are planned with the following project scope defined briefly,

  1. A long term project which will be conducted for several years on quarterly basis.
  2. To become a signature activity of DM and the materials collected will be used for building DM branding image.
  3. Covering personalities from diverse areas and different locations of Manipur.
  4. Covering Manipuri Diasporas living aboard by webcasting the talk or during their home visit to Manipur.
  5. Conducting the events at different districts of Manipur as DM expands.

This long term activity is expected to generate a lot of positive vibe among the youths in Manipur as has been proven by the success of three episodes already organized by DM. DM intends to conduct more Inspiration episodes in this year and beyond.

For latest update, follow Facebook event at 


More about Dynamic Manipur Society


Email: [email protected] 

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