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Free Cataract Operation – Press Released


Free Cataract Operation


The third batch of 18 patients with cataract was operated successfully at Shija Hospitals, HealthCity, Langol on 23d September, 2014, So far 68 patients with Cataract has been operated in 3 (three) batches. The operations were done absolutely free of cost to the patient, The operated patients were diagnosed with Cataract on 11tn September 2014 al a Mega Eye Camp held at District Hospial, Churachandpur. The Camp was organized by Directorate of Health Services, Government of Manipur in collaboration with Shija Eye Care Foundation, Altogether 1200 patients were screened of which 127 Cataracl patients and 45 Pterygium patients were detected. The last batch of remaining identified cases will be operated on 25th September 2014, Shija Eye Care Foundation has been actively participating in the National Programme for Control of Blindness since the last few years through the Manipur State Blindness Control Society.

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