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How Alex Kangabam topped the AIPMT Exam 2014’ for Manipur defying all odds.


“I felt happy and realize that my hard work had bear fruit when I learn that I have cleared the highly competitive exam. My hard work have not gone in waste was my ultimate thought.

In other to clear AIPMT one needs dedication throughout the year.  We have to be mentally and physically prepared. It is a step by step work out and we have to clear every step. Moreover it is a whole year exercise. I gather all what I have read and prepare when the exam get near.

I also make a routine for my studies. During my coaching days in COMET, I try to excel in the weekly test. Put efforts to score the top position. I cross the small step slowly and I did not think about clearing AIPMT ultimately. I only hope for getting good marks in the weekly tests. When the exam get nearer I prepare full syllabus. I change my reading strategy timely and gave my AIPMT exam.

My consistent score in weekly test gave me full confidence and it kept soaring high. When I did not score much my confidence level went down but I do not let myself down I analyze myself where I have gone wrong and try to mend the gap. If I do not rectify where I have gone wrong it becomes a stumbling block. I went on and score good rank in the next test which boost my confidence level”, told Alex when Manipur Times interacted him.

Medical as my career

“After clearing my twelve. I try to have an aim in life. I try to pick up a career and I analyses my strong point, came up with medical. I put all my effort as I thought it will suit me most”, expressed Alex.

AIPMT clues.

“After exam key is out in coaching institute.15 or 30 days later official key is released by CBSE so one can realize how much correct questions are marked.

A month before the result out the print out copy of answer sheet is hosted at the official website. A candidate will know what he has click and by the time he or she will get to know how much he will score with the answer key given out officially earlier after the exam. The record of rightly clicked answers is also given out. The Exam is very systematic.

If one has done well one need not prepare for other exam. Earlier I realize, I am scoring among top. I know when in the afternoon by evening media persons visited my home for interview”, informed Alex.

Helping Hands from Generous citizen of Manipur.

“As soon as the result was out and newspaper carried my news relatives, friends and guardians visited me they also gave me cash of Rs one thousand, two thousand, five thousand etc. for my further study.

Transporter Union came searching my address and handed me a sum of Rupees 1  Lakh as a support for my further studies”, narrated a Alex.

Another generous person Ibomcha from Mongsangei had approached Alex and he is helping in leveling Alex home to prevent from frequent flooding. He has so far brought 2000 brick and a truck load of sand. He has also assured cement bags and leveling soon.

Generous people are still trying to contact Alex for support in his further studies.

Message to Aspiring students from Alex

“Students presently studying in eleven and twelve class should start planning or setting goal. They have to analyze their potential. If one is passionate about pursuing medical as career but lacks potential he will work hard to achieve his goal and succeed which is one way of success.

Starting from eleven class all the fundamentals has to be clear. If he or she misses the concept it will become a barrier and delay the success. Every chapter in eleven and twelve class should be taken important. Question might come from every chapter. It will be a good help in future.

BiologyCouncil textbooks pattern and CBSE and competitive books are different. They are to score and pass in the exams. They should not also be relaxed. In competition everything comes to a point like the essay type question we use to write in board exams appears to be in objective type question in medical.

Biology portion is bigger comparing to other subject in medical exam. Eleven textbook is thicker than twelve.

Students should take time preciously.

Physicsultimately you have to make concept it is AIPMT exam so it is competitive. One needs understanding to answer the question. There are time when memorizing and recalling does not help. One has to know the concept and learn to play upside down by self”, opined Alex.

About my son – Alex Mother Kangabam (ongbi) Leima

“With God’s blessing and my son’s interest in study lead to his success. Till ten class I look after him a lot.

Alex was very thin during his childhood days. He was studying at St Peter School and I carry him at my back to his school after his father expired.

As he passed his fifth standard Alex asked me if he could study at Regular High School located behind Tiddim Ground. I told him it was far and he cycled to his school every day. In the beginning I use to wait for him at kwakeithel. 

At the end of the academic session he came with a form for St Joseph School. He informed me that 25 students will be selected for seventh standard. He wrote the entrance tests and stood first position from then on he started studying in St Joseph till his matric exam.

Herbert School gave him free of cost study for his higher secondary exam.

I am immensely happy at his success. He work hard this time it was his will this time as I have not paid more attention to him.

Guardians help him a lot. Many people who loved him visited us. I do not know how to repay all the help. They give blessings and monetary supports for his further studies. I told my son to serve for the society. It is an overwhelming experience to me. My son is excelling and I felt very happy.

He suffer from chicken pox during his class ten board exam. I pray and wake him up on the exam day of social science. He wake up and gave his exam he told me that it was good that I read earlier so he fare well in exam else it would have been a different story. He was thinking of 6th or 7th position. During his eleven standard our home was flooded so I kept him at Herbert School boarding but he insisted on staying at home and he came back.

I pray he did well and work for the success”, expressed Leima mother to Alex.



Alex Family

“When I was in reading Class 2 my father expired. My mother had to work hard to support our family. She struggled a lot in making both ends meet. I get all the support from my mother it is 95 percent out of 100. My maternal uncle and aunty also supports me.

I have a sister who is reading in eleven class at HRD,Ghari”, continued Alex.

Competitive exams during school days

“I participated in few competitive tests organize by various local clubs when I was in class ten. I did not win any prize but gain a lot. I realize, I have to study more as I found the questionnaire very competitive. It reminds me I have to read more as I was taking things lightly. I appear in two or three competitive exam”, told Alex.

High School

“I stood 15th position in board exam. I was studying in St Joseph School. There was a new zeal over the achievement and I knew the real taste of reading. From that time on I knew the tactics of scoring good marks.

It was the time where there was many blockade. I go for tuition with my friends. I have a cousin studying in the same class and school, his father an uncle in relation to me supported me as we went together in tuition.

I focus in school exam and I aim to achieve top position then I prepare for Board exams. I felt happy when I score 15th position. I missed some questions in Social Science and English so I went down in rank.

During my class ten days I got lots of support from my friends’ parents and we study together in coaching classes”, says Alex.

My Hobby

I like painting and singing as my hobby.

My Sports

I love playing badminton, cricket, and football.

My Food

I like meat. I also cook sometimes when my mother falls sick or left for some work.

Further studies       

“College counselling is yet to be done and the college lists is yet to be out (as on 26 July). I wish to study in a good college.

My senior in medical college told me that getting selection is just an entry point and you have a long way to go. I have more efforts to put.

I want to decide on the specialization after my MBBS. Seniors alerted me that a time will come when I want to decide on my specialization.

Doctors are respected in the society. They are regarded as second god. I came out to serve the society and would like to take part in the service with all the knowledge I gain after my study”, feels Alex.

I read

Tinkle Digest comic. Novels like ‘Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, One Night at a Call Centre by Chetan Bhagat etc.

Clever tactics is used in the comics so I found it good to read. The English vocabulary, twist and turn comedy is all exciting.


I relax by watching television or listening to song or hang out with friends.

Lists of Favorites

1.      Fav Manipuri CinemaBeragee Bomb.

2.      Fav Actor Bony

3.      Fav ActressBala

4.      Bala’s CinemaYaiskul Pakhang Angaoba, it is a bit inspiring too for medical exam.

5.      Fav SingerSorri Senjam. (I like his vocal and music composition)

6.      Fav Song –  Thamoi dagee Thamoi’ by Sorri Senjam in the film Danger

7.      Fav Female SingerSushmita

8.      Fav MoviesScience Fiction and Superheroes films like Batman series, Superman, Avengers, mutation film like X Men etc.

9.      Fav Picnic SpotI also organized picnic during my coaching days we went to Sendra, Loktak, Kakching Garden, Eco Garden, and Selheipung. Manipur has many picnic spots.




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