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IKoSC to provide 5 days training program in Baking Technology : January 22-28, 2015


Intellisome Knowledge and Skills Centre: Knowledge combined with skills and vice versa would free mankind from the bondage of unemployment and insecurity. Today’s social ailments can be solved to a great extent by skilling youths and imbibing self confidence . In this context, trainings of high quality and relevance are of paramount importance. IKoSC is set up with the mission to deliver superior and impactful training so that trainee can stand up at their own feet and decide their destinies at the end. IKoSC provides courses in the area of agriculture, food processing and allied subjects, both short and long terms, to fulfil dreams of every youth. IKoSC works in line with the mission of Intellisome Consulting.

This 5 days programme is the start of the various and continuous training programme to be conducted throughout the year.

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