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Laingangching soon to have a health center, Komlathabi PHC to upgrade with Labour room – NRHM


NRHM determined to scale down infant mortality rate in Manipur. Planning commission of India sets a target of only 6 deaths in 1000 child birth by the end of 2017 (12th plan). At present Manipur is the best State in India as it scores the least death in child birth (10 in 1000 child birth). For the same excellence, the State receives around 300 crores of Rupees to maintain the service.

To achieve more Okram Ibomcha, State Mission Director of NRHM visited Chakpikarong, Laingangching and Komlathabi of Chandel District to access the health care situation specially Labour Room on 9th June.

Chakpikarong Community Centre which was upgraded to 24 hour service has the facility and proper labour room and treatment for newly born like photo therapy if the child suffers jaundice. For immunization and storage proper freezer with electric supply through solar besides a generator. Medical officer, Village authority and staffs of the health centre were there during the director’s visit and the villagers expressed their wish for flooring the health centre with tiles. The director also promised to deliver an X Ray Machine and an Ultrasound Machine at the centre within this week along with proper training of the Staffs to handle the machine. For giving an institutional delivery where Sajik Tampak was lacking as there was no nurse at the sub centre the Director directly notice to engage a local nurse alerted by an ASHA facilitator at a payment of Rs 3000 a month and increment later after her performance. He further appeal to encourage more institutional delivery and motivated the ASHA workers to encourage pregnant mother of the facility available at the Community Health Centre and the opportunity and schemes provide to them at the time of Child birth. For a topographical approach ASHA workers will also get trained for child delivery if needed the visit informed.

At Leingang Ching a proper health centre will come up in the near future. Construction work will start around September of this month as the Director assured. For the same a portion of land donated by the village chief was assessed by the visiting team including the Chief Medical Officer of Chandel, State Program Manager NRHM. 

Primary Health Centre at Komlathabi was found to have no Labour room. Within a week time all equipment required for the labour room and full facility for blood test and other facility for treatment of new born will be available assured the Director. He also directed the Medical Officer in Charge to collect the requirements within a week time.

Okram Ibomcha, State Mission Director is scheduled to visit the centres again in these few weeks to check whether things are getting implemented.

Ever since the new Director joins office a year back he has visited Churachandpur and upgraded the health centres. The operation theatre in Chandel district headquarters started doing operation after 20 years which is quite good for child delivery that needs operation. In Thoubal Hospital the doctors have started operating patients. At Senapati new services is scheduled to launch with the inauguration of new buildings.


Tamenglong and Ukhrul health Centres are well equip. We are trying to fill the gap of specialists in Ukhrul continued the Director. Above all institutional delivery for new born is what needs to be encouraged for safe delivery and health care of the newly born including the mother. 

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