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Likli-Gi-Lai Musical Evening – A folk music filled musical evening with fanfare.


Sanaton the dancing singer performing on ” A musical evening with legendary singer Sanaton & felicitation of lyricists ” presented by NE-Bazar The event was organised by NE Brothers at Candrakirti Auditorium yesterday the 13th March 2014′. Laihui, Pentafusion, The Koi also featured in the evening.

Folk music narration by Laihui !

Citizens of Manipur witnessed the resurrection of folk music in the majestic performance by artists of Laihui at Chandrakirti Auditorium Palace Compound. Eminent film maker Romi Meitei, Chaoba Thiyam whose film got selected in International film festivals aboard recently, young talented artists make the team of Laihui who performed yesterday at ” A musical evening with legendary singer Sanaton”. Laihui is grooming talents among young and old in Pena music and it has toured aboard showing their performances.


Lingua – flavored numbers from ‘The Koi’

They may look funky, the musical instrument on their hands is west west but the strings and the notes their fingers played last night was accompanied with a well written simplistic manipuri lyrics. They sat around like the gathering of the renown band Scorpions, they brought their own furniture sit, there was uniformity and the presentation was rooted. Music was in the air – there was some calling with the lyrics and audience felt the originality. The band is working on the writings of Late Arambam Samarendra who have left the society a treasure of knowledge.

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