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Meet the Shuman Lila Artistes: Nupishabi Artistes of Shumang lila are the most unfortunate- Robindro


Imphal, December 23 : The male artiste taking the female role popularly known as Nupi shabi in Shumang Lila plays are the most unfortunate as they have no any other career option except Shumang Lila. May it be in Manipuri films or Radio plays, there is no room for us to act like other Artistes since we are unable to take different roles rather than female role. Shumang lila is the only plateform and livelihood for us.

This was stated by A. Robindro, renowned Manipuri Shumang lila Nupishabi artiste during “Meet the Shumang Lila artistes programme” held in connection with the ongoing 22nd Imphal book fair 2013 at Hapta kangjeibung here today.

Artiste A. Robindro who always takes female role in Shumang lila is famous for his role in Shumang lila plays such as 21st century Kunti, Keishamthong Thoibi and many other plays.

“Other male artistes of Shumang lila, actor and actresses of films, theatre and dramas have opportunities. For Nupishabi artistes, their future is dim after retirement from Shumang lila play. Government need to introduce a policy for us”, added Robindro.

Narendra Ningomba, former actor, Ayekpam Inakhunba, Veteran Shumang Lila actor of Shumang Lila also participated during the meet.



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