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Shija Clinic records treatment of 150 Myanmarese National every month, leaves for free cataract operation today.


Govindas Konthoujam Minister of Industries flagged off the Medical team to Mayanmar leaded by Dr.Palin, Shija Clinic today. The team consisting of two eye specialists and other support staffs like the nurses and other ophthalmologists will perform 200 free Cataract operation at Monywa Hospital. The venture is sponsored by Manipur Government under the initiative of Okram Ibobi Chief Minister GoM. Dr Palin addressing the media informed that Myanmar has 6 crore population out of which 3 % have cataract problem amounting to 18 lakh people and they need medical intervention. Dr Palin continued that Shija Clinic will open a separate center for Eye Care with a new building coming up soon.  We need to elevate our image mainland India have started recognizing us expressed the managing director.

Minister Govindas expressing the concern over the Visa on arrival facility at Moreh said that the facility is not working as of now and PAP is allowing only 16 km area of movement for Myanmarese people and it is causing inconvenience for Myanmerese people to come to Manipur. The State government has alloted NFC Building in the Old Assembly Secretariat building to set up passport office and a regional FCI office. He also expressed that Manipur is getting recognized from such good deeds.

The team also travelled along with Myanmerese who came to Shija Clinic for treatment. Upon inquiring as to how many patients from Myanmar came for treatment in a month Dr Palin informed that on an average 150 Myanmarese national visit the hospital for their medicare which is indeed a big progress towards Manipur becoming a medical hub.


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