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MSF2015 : Soft toys from the local girl artisans catch eyes of the children


Moirangthem Anupama from Tentha is an artisan who makes many soft toys from scrap fabric or felt. She showcases her products at the standard stall of Manipur Sangai Festival 2015 to attract the festival revellers.
Various soft toys are created under the brand “Shagat Craft”. Prices of the soft toys ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.
She had underwent training at Institute of Soft Toy Making Technology, Kolkata. During the training, she met some other local girls. Having completed the training, she along with three other like-minded girls united themselves and started making soft toys. Tombi Naorem of Tentha, Maimon Sanajaobi of Thangmeiband, L Gineshori from Tentha are her partners in the business.
She said making of soft toys requires scrap fabric or felt, some simple sewing tools likely to already be in one’s house and a bit of stuffing. Basic sewing skills too is also required in making the craft.
She makes models of teddy bear, dogs, tiger, elephant, birds to attract the customers particularly the children. She can fetch a good income from the business venture and supplement the family income comfortably.

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