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MSF2015 – Meitei Yumjao and Live Demonstration of the making of Shaphee Lanphee


Main attractions of Manipur Sangai Festival 2015 is the traditional huts of Manipur displayed inside the venue of Manipur Sangai Festival 2015 at Hapta Kangjeibung, with two to four artisans showing live demonstration of making of handloom, handicraft, pottery and crafted products of Manipur. Among the artisans performing live demonstration at the mangol (verandah) and sangoi of Meitei Yumjao, four artisans are founds to be sisters from a same family hailed from Kwak Keithel Mayai Koibi. Longjam Hemolata will be awarded with National award on December 9, 2015 for her excellent art pieces on micro-embroidery of Khamen-septa type specially designed to be used by the woman folks of Manipur. Three sisters namely Hemolata, Tombi and Tanuja are dedicated on the making of Shaphee Lanphee and other embroidery products. Recently, Shaphee Lanphee handicraft of Manipur has got a registration under Geographical Indication (GI Registration) under application number 371. Shaphee Lanphee is a rare traditional handicraft of Manipur embroidered with meaningful motifs. It has its own historical significance that it was used as Mana Phee (Reward) by the kings of Manipur as a token of honour to his brave soldiers, coming back home victorious after a battle.
While the eldest sister among the four, L. Pishak, a state awardee for handloom is performing live demonstration of embroidery on the making of Phanek mayek-naibi.

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