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No let up in ILP Stir: Police foiled protest rallies at Imphal


Imphal, August 6: Just ahead of the all political party meet convened by Manipur Government at 2 Pm to discuss ILP issue, witnessed  protest rallies  today spearheaded  by several students and womanfolk urging the government for implementing Inner Line Permit System.

Imphal city usually crowded with people looked deserted and paralyzed at about 1 pm as Shops and other business establishments were forced to down shutters. Streets in Imphal city were traffic jammed when some groups of women carried out protest rally with shouting slogans “we want ILP”, “Resign all the MLAs”. Police team led by Mrs. Victoriyua, however, foiled the rally.


In the meanwhile, several students from various schools and colleges who congregated at Imphal  college started a protest rally from there along the Tiddim road with an attempt to storm Manipur Chief Minister’s Bungalaow at Imphal Babupara. They were, however, stopped by a Manipur Police team led by OC Imphal police at Keishampat. Police umpteen times warned the agitating students to retreat saying their movement was illegal with Imphal being clamped with 144 CrPC that prohibits congregation of more than five men. Police drove the students away upto Imphal college. 

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