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Press Release: Condemnation


Imphal, 6th May 2013: In connection to the incident of Mala Lisham, chairperson of Child welfare committee, Thoubal, who was being attacked with gun while driving, by constable Md. Bashir Ahmad, Imphal west police Narcotics on her way to office, is strongly condemned by the organization of Women Action for Development, Imphal. WAD strongly oppose and condemn the uncivilized act of the police personnel in which a child right activist was attacked and terrorized by the state force, showing his masculinity and gun power. We need to critically analyse whether the gun used by the accused is issued by the government for the protection of the public, and if so why is it being used in targeting lives of innocent ?

On the other hand we also appreciate the Thoubal Police for their timely intervention by arresting the accused Md. Bashir Ahmad within a stipulated period.

Mala is one of the few persons working tirelessly against all odds for the cause and welfare of the children of Manipur.  It is very unfortunate that the one who is active to save many lives herself became the victim. This is one of the extreme case of gender based violence which exist in our society. The motive behind such act of violence need to be investigated properly and frame the charge sheet as soon as possible, so that befitting punishment should be given to the accused.

The crime against humanity particularly women and girls in the state of Manipur has become a very serious issue. Since the state has been adopting patriarchal system, it becomes a breeding ground for crimes against women in every aspect of life. Almost every day the killing of women, rape, rape and murder, suicide or murder of young girls and married women are being reported in the state. For instances, recall may be made of the recent cases of murder of Khullem Tondon (16) from Luker mayai leikai on 5th March 2013, killing of N.Satyabhama (31) from Kakwa on 5th April, murder of B. Neena (48) from Bishnupur on 1st May 2013 and the suicide/murder of Mumtaz(16) from Yairipok Phoudel on 4th May 2013. Despite of the fact, no culprits were reported to have been brought justice till date. In such critical situation of Manipur, it is need of the hour for all the section of our society to fight collectively to bring justice. Violence is  not happening of itself. It is well plan and design by the vested interest groups so we need work collectively and fight together. The negative outlook towards the women and treating them as a commodities by their male counterparts is one of the major causes of the said crime. the mindset of the male need to be change.

We therefore humbly appeal the concern authorities of the state to ensure, protect and safeguard the rights and dignity of women.All the 60 MLAs should not remain as mere spectators, they must show their political commitment and will in responding the crime against women.

Lastly, we humbly appeal all the sections of the society (intellectuals, media, legal experts, doctors, academicians, civil societies, women groups, youth, student bodies and so on) to come forward and take part in ending Violence against women in the state.


Faithfully Yours

(Sobita Mangsatabam)



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