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Pukhrambam Ringco and His Art Works


Those days are still imprint in his mind; even He was unable handle book and pen properly at that time. Sitting on the plane floor of the courtyard, He sketched the picture of Thabal Chongba in which all the youths are dancing hand-in-hand, in fact the courtyard floor was his first drawing platform.

Pukhrambam Ringco was born and brought up in Thangmeiband Lourung Purel Leikai, Imphal. He used to love different art forms, among which painting was his favourite art. The happiest moment of life is during childhood, life has no bound of happiness. Going to school, reading and drawing something occasionally was the only daily routine and thus it passed away the beautiful days of his childhood time. He did not have any count on it and he seldom participated in any drawing competition. He never thought of painting as profession and never dreamed of it as his career. It was just leisure to him and a hobby.

During winter vacations, after final examination, he used to spend most of the time drawing till IX standard. But when he is in X standard, he left drawing for time being due to exam stress and kept more time in study. He passed out Matric from St.Patrick’s English School, near D.M. College gate. He then started drawing using Paint in the desktop, belong to his brother, using mouse instead of pencil or brush. The first drawing in computer was just a flower and scenery. It was difficult to control the mouse as it was his first time. He was not trained nor did much practice, he just paint by heart with full concentration and enthusiasm and thus the mouse came into his control. In that time only some of his friends noticed his painting and gradually began to read his capability. Forlornly after Matric he could not give much interest in painting since he had to go through for his XII standard. He passed out his higher secondary examination from Herbert School, Changangei.

The endless struggle of life came into being after XII standard only. His untold ambition of life was to become a doctor. Unfortunately his family could not afford for it in need of time nevertheless it was his dream that has been dreamed since childhood. So he was admitted to D.M. College and instead of going medical coaching classes he himself engaged for home tutorial to earn and meet his expenses of his study.

After a long gap, God shower blessing upon him. Nothing was impossible to his willing heart. He could manage few amounts to afford medical coaching but never enough to buy books and other materials. So he continued going home tutorial during his coaching life. Undoubtedly he was selected for MBBS. He is now pursuing his MBBS at RIMS, Imphal. Putting all his labour in his study he had to compromise with the art which is once his heart and soul and sometimes he forgot that he had a hobby.

No matter how far he ran away from his hobby, he was caught by it one day. After a long gap of 5 or 6 years, one of his friends, Johnson Soubam who studied MCA in Manipur University asked him to draw a portrait of Panthoibi in computer for a teacher in MCA Department, Manipur University. The proposal recreated the lost art in him and aroused him again to put hand on it. It was his first time to be noticed by other people rather than his close-friends after completion of the deal. The MCA Department of the University appreciated his work with positive comments and encouraged a lot to continue his once lost creativity. After few months he uploaded his painting on the facebook. Many of his friends, brothers, elders and well wishers encouraged him once again. Their comments induced him to draw more but the pending works and duties, of being an MBBS student, which are lying before him did not let him free to do it and it feels a great regret to him. Above that, he do not own a laptop or computer, sometime he used his friend’s laptop to draw when he got time, which is a big headache to him and it take more time too. Of which he owe Kh. Bishwarjit for lending his laptop.


Life is a journey towards an ambition leading by a deep and dark way of uncertainty. Taking it as more value, one has to forget some little important matter in his or her life. He used to paint when he got some free time and only when the laptop is free. And his hobby still exists as hobby. But somebody turns out as profession from his or her own hobby but it did never happened to him. Ringco have to neglect his hobby to make ripe the fruit of his life. He uses his hobby as a healing part of his stressful life. One thing we should keep in our mind is to try to keep our hobby because it gives rest and pleasure to our worrying life.

Recent Art Works Includes

  1. Radha Krishna (5 days of drawing time)
  2. The Goddesh Panthoibi (2 days of drawing time)
  3. Khamba Thoibi (2 days of drawing time)
  4. Manipuri classical dance: Khandita (6 days of drawing time)


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