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Second Day Session of A 05 Day ,Public Dialogue on Protection of Indigenous Peoples of Manipur


Moderator: Prof. L. Sadananda
Key Speakers:
Thangkhosai Haokip, President, Kuki Inpi, Manipur (KIM)
Prof. Ch. Priyoranjan, Economics Dept., MU
Dr. N. Pramod, Associate Prof., LMS Law College
Dr. Ng. Ngangom Jasantakumar
Bhubol Sougrakpam

Pu Thangkhosai :
He remarked that no one can deny the fact that the indigenous people of Manipur needs to be protected from any threats and the same has been incorporated in the propagating agenda of the Kuki Inpi i.e., Peaceful Co-existence and Justice for all. The Kuki community had actively participated in the important historical events of Manipur and it was exemplified by the fact that the 500 Kuki Chiefs strongly appealed Maharaja Bodhachandra not to go to Shillong for any kind of agreement or concession to be arrived at there as that would misdirect the historical course of Manipur but Maharaja under various other pressures went to Shillong and that was against the wish of the forefathers of the Kuki Community. He further said that three bills of Manipur that was rejected by the President of India had some procedural lapses as they were not developed as common consensus by taking consents from all Manipur communities and so was the reason for being turned down by the President. He concluded that any new bill to be framed up to protect the state from illegal influx of alien people from outside should not have any lapses and be the agreed one of all communities of Manipur.

Prof. Priyoranjan of Manipur University :
in his Guest of Honour speech readily supported the remarks that had pointed out by the Kuki Inpi President in regards of peaceful co-existence of all communities and he propounded that the present governance lacks sincerity and sensitivity on prioritizing issues and the Churachandpur case is one area to be attended attentively. Prof. Priyoranjan highlighting his dislike on the mishandling in the development approaches that is making imbalance of development in parts of the state and it finally become the reason of distrust on government by larger population, the political leaders in the state are rather emphasizing on selces protectionism than that of societal and multi-cultural responsibilities. He added that the present demand of a bill to protect Manipuri people from illegal migrants is a legitimate demand but its smooth realization still needs subsiding the issue of Churachandpur where there are still nine dead bodies are laying due to be cremated and this should be addressed before having a consensus bill. Dr. N. Pramod giving his speech highlighted that the present time is the time rule and law underwhich human being is progressively developed but our state Manipur state seems a lawless state. The people’s movement for protection of indigenous people and for which necessary for enacting specific bills is a rightful movement as to be a land of law. But the enacting act or law, he added, should be people centric law to protecting the indigenous people of Manipur comprising of all communities living in the state.

Sri N. Rajendro, President, ICHAM and Shri LS Guite, Advisor, AMESCO gave their observations and the interaction between the speakers and the participants was taken up and discussed many relevant issues.
When the first day dialogue highlighted the consensus on oneness of hill and valley indigenous communities that would continue to generations to come, this second day gave another consensus on the inevitability to enact an Act to protect the indigenous people of Manipur in the soonest possible time.

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