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Proceedings of the Inaugural of A Five-Day Public Dialogue on “Protection of Indigenous People of Manipur”


Proceedings of the Inaugural of A Five-Day Public Dialogue on “Protection of Indigenous People of Manipur” orgd. by the National Research Centre, Manipur and the Dean of Students Welfare, Manipur University, was held on Sunday, 24th July, 2016 at Centenary Hall, MU in progress.

Mr. R.V. Mingthing ( Ex Minister, Govt. of Manipur), Prof. Dhaneshwor (Dept. of Chemistry, Manipur University, Prof. N. Mohilal (Dean of Sudents’ Welfare, Manipur University), Mr. Haobam Sanajaoba (Chairman, National Research Centre, Manipur) graced the function as Distinguished members in the dais. A Welcome address cum Keynote was delivered by Mr. Sunilkanta Sanasam (Secretary General, National Research Centre, Manipur University. Mr. Sunilkanta, in his keynote highlighted that Manipur is known by various names in its various phases of history started experiencing the problem of demographic imbalance with the large scale influx of migrants following the integration of merger to India. With it the demographic onslaught of immigrant population had seriously impacted the cultural, socio-economic and geo-political structure of the land. The threat it posed is not only to one particular community but to all the indigenous people of Manipur. Protection of indigenous people should therefore be the fundamental concern and common issue of all the indigenous community people of Manipur. At such a juncture where the political leadership of the state had terribly in this concern, if by bringing this issue at the forefront in the public domain, and with a broad based discussion and collective effort were able to have fruitful discussion and arrive at some recommendations, the purpose of organising this seminar will considered to be served, he stated. Prof. N. Mohilal, while terming Manipur as ‘Miniature India’ considering the similarities it shares in term of the diversities of geo-physical and social demography, emphasised the urgency of not remaining lackadaisical on the issue of protection of indigenous people of Manipur. He recommended a synergy of the government and the public with sincere and consistent effort as the need of the hour to effectively check the problem of large scale influx of migrants. Prof. M. Dhaneshwor emphasised the inevitable necessity for stringent laws and the effective implementation of it by the state to protect the cultural, socio-economic, political and geo-physical structure of the land. Shri. RV Mingthing lauded the organisers saying it very timely and also emphasised for reconciliatory approach to bridge the hill-valley divide and also to come out of the cocoon of remaining confined in the state and advocated for a pan north east while articulating any political demand, since all indigenous Northeasterners are one people belonging to same racial stock. Mr. Haobam Sanajaoba, lauded the good attendance in the inaugural and further expressed his optimism and requested all the participants to fruitfully take part in the deliberations for the remaining days also. Dr. N. Jibit (NRC) proposed a vote of thanks and announced the closing of the inaugural with a permission of the chair.

It was followed by a technical Session moderated by R.V. Mingthing (Ex-Minister). The key resource persons who spoke on the occasion are: (i) Kim Gangte (Ex-MP) (ii) Dr. Y. Manikhuman (President AMUCO) (iii) Pradip Phanjoubam (Editor, Imphal Free Press) (iv) Kh. Tarun (Advocate)

Press Release submitted by Aheibam Koireng Singh


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  1. A good action. I hope this paves the way to the full scale truth finding and reconciliatory discourse with more participation of tribal scholars. I look forward to see the full length papers of the speakers published.


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