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SIMSLITE celebrates its happy anniversary


Imphal, October,19: The KokSamLai Solutions Pvt Ltd celebrated its first happy anniversary of the successful launching of the flagship product SIMSLite (School Information Management System) at classic hotel, imphal here today.

 In the last one SIMSLite team has exceeded the expectation by coming up with interesting new features and module. In addition the team has come up with many services to offer the client “360° School Management Experience”. Very Soon, all the SIMSLite powered school can also avail the service of having their ID card printed as part of the Package. Since the launch, many prominent schools across the State have adopted SIMSLite as a tool to manage their school. To name a few UNACCO, Mega Manipur, St Anthony, ISOR and MEM Higher Secondary are some of the schools in Imphal area. Outside Imphal they have Little Angel Paradise School and Anandapurna School in Thoubal area, Bethel English School in Nambol and HAMAI School in Tamei, Tamenglong, said a press release of the team.

Some of the new benefits provided by SIMSLite:

1. Schools are able to send instant SMS to any staff, student anytime of the day without involving any third party service provider.

2. Schools are able declare results for exams sooner without wasting precious time on calculating the marks, percentage, co-scholastic descriptors , grade etc for each and every student. With SIMSlite student’s report card is just a click away.

3. Schools can plan and manage their intellectual property with an inbuilt Question bank which can also generate exam questions as well as study material for the students.

4. Parents are now well informed of their ward’s performance in school with respect to Attendance, Academics and any School Events or Announcement.

5. The School as well the Parents can now enjoy the perk of an effective fee Management.



The press release further informed that to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of SIMSLite, KokSamLai Solutions will launch GoSchool – A portal exclusive created for the Educational Institutions. It will act a social networking site for the educational Institutions where the Institutions will be able to create and maintain their own page free without any charges. It will be a site where anybody can have access to information related to any educational institution with a click of button. With GoSchool, the Institutions will be able to upload any information, make important announcement, post examination results etc. Basically they will be able to enjoy everything that a standard website can offer without paying a single penny. Also, for the SIMSlite clients KokSamLai Solutions will take the responsibility for maintaining their school page if they want. KokSamLai Solutions has managed to highlight the benefits of adopting a School Management Software. They have immensely enhanced if not created a market for Software which was nearly non-existence before SIMSLite. 

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