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Highway market along Imphal – Ukhrul Road and Mao, a random pick!


Engine turned off, tyres stop. Few people get down. Engrossed in the fresh vegetable displayed inches away the highway with hands on knees as they bend down. Some good picks and out they zoomed to their destiny.

When the wheels stop and the shoes make way to the racks the market strategy stays good. But on a highway blockade the highway vegetable, fruit and food picks might not exist.  For travellers it is a fascinating stoppage. Mostly organic product and tasty. In fact a buy from a distant place known for its speciality like the Pumpkin at Mahadeva of Ukhrul Road known for its flavour is everyone’s choice. The beans and seasonal varieties are also among the best picks.   

Ramva is another grand highway pick the market place has a shed located behind the Assam Rifle camp where the travellers have to sign their vehicle registration number, purpose of passage and return dates. Here the market booms as all vehicles stop by and visitors have time to take a stroll or munch quick snacks. At times you will also witness the sale of wild animals from the hunter’s bull eye shot.

U Morok and Squash is a common buy, cabbage, bamboo shoots, and other local vegetables are sold aplenty. Fried beef and dry fishes are other items. In fact the market place is prospering with numerous vegetable vendors making their best sale. A type of thick Chapatti (tan)is sold at Ramva, perhaps it is their local favourite. 

Reaching Litan, rice hotels and a mini market aplenty of groceries and other Chinese and Indian mixed goods are stretched out on both side of the highway. Cone shaped pumpkins are sighted in this place.  Maize and other bakery goods are also sold here. Ready to eat fruits packed in plastic packets hovers around four to five feet above the ground as is catered by the young ladies. After a meal definitely it is the best option to have fruits. The hospitable service and the business tips are very stunning. In fact the hotel serves best food at a cheaper price. Travellers’ stoppage here is very good.  Moreover a police station is just next to the market

From Litan Ukhrul is a fine drive away.

Talking about Mao where interstate bus stop by for a go or return from other States, the place is quite a happening one. People out here are hospitable, a transport station is also stationed just nearby. In fact Mao is the first stoppage where students and individuals who have come to the State after months or years have their first delicious localized flavour.

Mao is famous for plumb and passion fruit. Best buy includes potato packed in five kilogram polythene package and plumb in smaller package – both known for the delicious flavour it gives. The local people wear a red looks on the cheeks and are very smart in terms of business deals. The local product which is best in taste includes passion fruit from this part of Manipur. In fact passion fruit processing factory has been functional after the product reach to people’s choice. Branded packaging is also done and made available. The potato farm of Mao is a success, the passion fruit farm is also a success so is the plumb. The productivity is increased after demand rises nowadays huge package plumb is send off to Imphal market from Mao and the people of Mao are hard working. It is the highway market that is making the people of this region rich.

The place is very decorative too with flowers. A dry flower shop or two runs with colourful dry flowers in display. The flowers could be kept for years in a table pot or any décor. There are also nurseries where people sell fresh flower saplings. Colourful varieties of lilies are also sold here. Dzuko valley hill range is not far from Mao. A type of lily which can grow in plain area is a good buy from here.

Some North Indian shops including rice hotels have shut down after the Inner Line Permit movement started. There are good number of North Indian shops who are doing brisk business though selling garments and groceries.


To and fro routed bus from Imphal operates, with tata sumo services till Senapati and other buses plying from Mao to Senapati. All but it is the travellers’ stoppage market. One bus after another for interstate bus at particular time of the day and state vehicles at regular time. The faces of the shop keepers and hotel runners are familiar to almost everyone who takes the route traveling to Guwahati or other state of the north east. In fact the market has gone down a bit after airway service became affordable at cheaper price some years back but people going outside the State has also increased manifold. Thus the balancing has kept the market intact and progressing.

After a long journey it is always refreshing for a delicious meal when one is hungry. For such Mao is the first choice of many as the service and food they serve and the happening market set up has created a complete atmosphere of a good time to stop by and loiter around at the well set variety market with unique flowers and fruits at its best.

There are other stoppages set up temporarily along the long highway stretch from time to time. It is always good to come across natives along the empty roadways during the long ride. Some innovative villagers set up bamboo and wood racks for displaying their exotic items.

State bus services will bring up more biotic products as the state is rich in agricultural matters. If a market is created consequent demand arises and there is an increase in the raw material yield as in the case of Mao, Ramva, Litan along the hilly roads of the State. Matter of fact Lamlong market is one place where you would find products from the hills. Private buses ply along the highway brings makes it possible for the material transport to a decent market where profit is made but a government transport would have increased the profit manifold. Despite every challenge people are making much progress to customers delight.


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