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Students of Assam University on Iron Lady’s Birthday


Assam University Manipur Students’ Union observed a candle lighting ceremony cum peaceful sitting protest supporting Manipuri Iron Lady’s Irom Chanu Sharmila movement for the repeal of AFSPA at the University Gate on 14th March. The mark of respect and support for the Iron Lady was organised by the students’ Union on the occasion of her 41st Birthday. Around 50 students from different States studying in the University gathered for the cause holding play cards that read ‘SAVE SHARMILA SAVE HUMANITY’; ‘MY FIGHT IS NOT AGAINST DEMOCRACY IT IS FOR THE DEMOCRACY’; ‘RESPECT SHARMILA RESTORE RIGHT TO LIFE’; ‘THE VOICE OF PEOPLE IS THE VOICE OF NATION’. Ratan Ray, General Secretary, Assam University Students Council, who took part in the event extended his warm gratitude by voicing “ though we are residing far away from Sharmila our emotional and mental support is with you all the time. We are ready to take part in any short of event for the welfare of Manipuri people and humanity as a whole”. Hawaibam Hirojit Singh, a research scholar at Political Science on behalf of Manipuri Students expressed “we are here praying for humanity, supporting your fight, we are also raising our voice just beside you”  The evening was bright and the voice of the unheard resounded from the hearts of the young students. Mention may be made that AFSPA empowers the Indian Army to kill anybody even on the ground of suspicion. Following protests the act was removed from the Municipality areas of Manipur. However the act is still enforced in the rest of the areas in the hills and valley of Manipur.


Photo Credit: Reena Nongmaithem

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