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Sustainable Urban Mobility in Imphal


Manipur Cycle Club and Sustainable Urban Mobility Network organized a discussion program for better urban life in Manipur. Geetkumar Nepram Town Planner, Clay Khongsai ,DIG Range 1, officials of Pollution Control Board, Senior Citizen representatives, Human Rights Alert, Student organization DESAM, WHAPS, Journalists from different media firm and individuals took part in the discussion hour moderated by N. Sanatomba Editor, Manipur Mail at Hotel Imphal Conference Hall today. Congestion in Imphal areas, noise pollution from various factor like increasing in vehicular movement, air pollution, lack of walking and cycling lanes, narrow roads, traffic regulations and many other things were discussed today. Questions were put up by the active participants and there was a thorough discussion which is vital for positive growth and effective implementation of certain regulations and planning. A press handout from Manipur Cycle Club says that Sustainable Urban Mobility plans define a set of interrelated measures designed to satisfy the mobility need of people and business today and tomorrow, It’s integrated planning approach and address all modes and forms of transport in cities and their surrounding area. And offer benefits like Better quality of life Environmental and health benefits Improved mobility and accessibility Improved image of a city. Etc.



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