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The Man behind KSHIS Plastic Industry Takyel


“I dream of expanding my industrial set up. I would love to export my products. We are depending on imported items which affects our economy. And it is high time to reverse the process. Many entrepreneurs need to spring out for continuous economic growth and provide job to the youths in the State.” says Kshetrimayum Ibochou, Proprieter of Kshis Plastic Industry, a leading plastic industry in Manipur.

In December 1992, Ibochou came across an advertisement on EDP in a local daily. For the first time, he joined the four days Entrepreneurial motivation campaign conducted by the North Eastern Consultants Ltd. Imphal at Officers club, Lamphelpat from 17th to 20th Dec. 1992. The campaign motivated him in setting up his own firm. That is how the present Khsis Plastic Industry materialised after many challenges.

Khsis Plastic Industry presently located at Takyel Industrial Estate, Imphal West is one of the leading Plastic Industry in Manipur. Its product ranges from Plastic pet bottles for packaged drinking water, Polythene bags, Plastic packages for readymade edible items, Carry bags etc.

Currently around 26 employees are working under this plastic industry with a good monthly turn over.

48 years Old Khsetrimayum  Ibochou, proprieter of Khsis Plastic Industries, started with an initial investment of Rs. 50,000. He even sold out his Motorcycle at the rate of Rs.20,000 and took loan from his friends and relatives. Under the guidance and support of some officials of CIPET, Imphal, he procured plastic raw materials from a Guwahati base agent of IPCL Company and started manufacturing plastic Mugs.

His first venture with the manufacturing of plastic Mugs was a failure as imported plastic mugs were much cheaper than his product. However, the price of his product was not high if considered the manufacturing cost, transportation charges and the quality control. He faced a huge loss on this business but he didn’t surrender to the defeat.

In 1995, Ibochouba obtained one film extruder and one Bag making ‘cutting sealing machine from an auction. Then in the year 1996, with the help of tool room of SISI presently known as MSME DI, Imphal, he developed a one sided sealed bag making machine by collecting some materials locally available in the market.

With the machineries, he started making polythene bags and his Plastic Industry starting prospering each passing day with upgradations.

Kshetrimayum Ibochou is the eldest son among nine siblings of late Ksh.  Yaima and Ksh. Thoibi Devi of Tera Lukram Leirak. He completed his Schooling from Model Hr. Secondary School, Tera (Imphal West) in 1980 and graduated from Moirang College in 1988. He got married in 1997.

After marriage he faced financial constraint. Finding no good jobs, he thought of setting up a Chicken farm of his own. He could maintain the family for some years with the earnings he gets from the Chicken farm.

Unfortunately a disease killed all his chickens and he faced huge loss. It shocked his heart and gave serious impact to his struggling family. He also tried Govt. jobs many times but failed to get it due to shortage of money to lobby and bribe the then top ranking Govt. officials as he says. He started looking out for better options.

Presently, Kshis Plastic Industry is providing jobs to 26 workers. The industry has a turnover of around 15 to 20 lakhs per month. So far Ibochouba has invested Rs. 3 crores for purchasing machineries for his industries.

Presently Ibochouba procure Plastic granules (Raw materials of plastic made items) from a Guwahati base agent of Haldia Petrol Chemical Production Company, RD Computech Guwahati, Reliance Industry, Guwahati, an authorised agent of RABC Associate etc.

Ibochouba now owns all the machinery required for production of his plastic goods.

Presently Kshis Plastic Industry is working in a rented building of Industries Dept. Govt. Of Manipur located at Takyel at the rate of Rs. 2000 Rental charge a month .The employees are paid on a daily basis according to their work. Medical benefit, festival bonus, increment, advance payment on emergency etc. are other facilities the Industry provides to his employers. A hard working employee can earn Rs. 10000 to Rs15000 a month says Ibochouba. 

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