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The Man Behind Sangai Tank: M. Geetaranjan Sharma


Lismart Industries use to be the State’s Pioneer in plastic storage tank manufacturer behind the brand ‘Sangai’. The product has been competing with other imported similar products since years back, never lagging behind of any and now is amongst the highly demand brands in the state. Manoharmayum Geetaranjan Sharma, Proprietor of Lismart Industries, while talking to Manipurtimes says that the sole reason of its last stand is the quality. Quality control in products is an important factor to hold the market for long. In our local market, we are competing a tough battle with other fellow brands thronging in it. In this critical juncture, we believe that if we do not compromise with quality, say, by not adulterate with scrap as it happens in other states and make the containers as per ISI norms, people will appreciate our product. People who like quality products come to us for Sangai Tank, recounts Geetaranjan.

Patience and determination behind the picture of success

It is natural to experience some hardships at the initial whether the unit is a small or large scale industry. But with bitter patients and strong determination, anybody can surpass such problems. I am not but confronted some hardships in life, but could overcome it and those unforgettable memoirs are still lingered in my mind, recalled Geetaranjan.

Geetaranjan started his business as a supplier to the Government departments in and around 1975-76 after completing his Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy Hons.). After graduated from Gauhati University in 1974, he established a sole ownership company “M/S L.I supplying Mart” which turned to be his present company Lismart Industries. Lismart Industries has now been an ISO 9001-2008 certified company right from the previous year 2013 and the product i.e., water storage tank is registered with trade mark “Sangai”. Sangai is an endemic, rare and endangered Brow-antlered deer which is found only in marshy biomass of Loktak lake in Manipur. Lismart Industries manufactures storage tanks of different volumes and sizes convenient to its customers. The tanks are having the capacities starting from 200lts. to 2000 lts., precisely 200 lts, 300 lts, 500 lts, 750 lts, 1000 lts, 1500 lts and 2000 lts.

Dream that comes true

Geetaranjan Sharma alias Leishabi is the second son among the nine siblings of Late  Manoharmayum Bisho Sharma and Late Ibemhal Devi hailing from Nagampal Singjubung Leirak, Imphal west. His company ‘Lismart’ interchangeably manufacturing unit is located at Takyel Industrial estate under the brand SANGAI and its registered office is at Lamphel super market.     

“It has been a dream since my childhood days to stand on my own feet. Today, I feel proud when I look back at those days, when I was young, freshly graduated struggling to face life and trying to get some Government jobs. Those were the days during which everybody tried to get a Government job. I was also among them and even worked as a casual clerk in the Election Department posted at Karong, and above that I worked as salesman cum photographer of a photo studio at Paona bazar with a monthly salary of Rs. 210. It took me almost 30 years to fulfil my dream of having my own establishment whether it is a Pan shop or Grocery. With the small savings and helps from my friends, I started Lismart Industries”, said Geetaranjan while taking to Manipurtimes about the hardship days of his life journey. 

A Socialistic concept

Geetaranjan said that at present he feels satisfied as he can enhance positively the socio-economic condition of our state and also can provide jobs to at least 21 employees in his industry. At the same time he is appreciated from all near and dear ones in his struggle that his product Sangai tank has reached at a situation where other renowned brands cannot compete with.

“I am not profit oriented. I always advise my employees not to compromise with quality. I like to serve this small state with good quality products. Without the full co-operation from my staffs, Sangai tank may not be seen in the Manipur market. The full credit for my achievement goes to my boys working with me”, he said.

Establishing an Industry and the future aspects

Recalling the past, Geetaranjan said that he imported some machinery from outside the state with the hope that the state Government might provide him work-shed. Unfortunately his wish did not turn fruitful as the Government failed to do so. As a result of this the machineries, which he procured spending huge amount of money were lying idle at his home for a long time. Seeing the machineries lying defunct for long, his elder brother, GC Sharma, Proprietor of Manipur plastic industries suggested him to bring those machineries to his factory premise at Takyelpat and start production from there till he could  arrange other alternatives.




As for now, the Sangai water storage tank is available only in our local market and export of the product to other states is not feasible due to lack of communication and other problems such as raw materials, which is imported from mainland India. The industry is planning to step-up the production to make a space in the other states’ market so the required machineries have been imported. But still they are lying unemployed due to limited work-shed. The state Government has already allotted three work-sheds for his industry but only one shed has been handed over to him so far. The expansion of his business now is on the accessibility of the remaining work-sheds and commissioning of the un-functioned machineries presently lying inside the store office of MANIDCO.

Man power and outlets of Lismart

At present, 21 employees are working at LISMART industries in its two offices, one Assistant cum Accountant, one Office Asst. cum receptionist, one factory supervisor, four Foreman cum head operator, two Asst. operator, five factory assistant, two drivers, one office runner cum Peon, one electrician, and three Thela or Rikshaw Puller.

Sangai tanks are  available through its authorised dealers such as DK Steel, Thangal Bazar; Boycha Steel and Cement Agency, Singjamei; Avonmei Steel, Tamenglong; Mocha hardware, Thoubal Bazar; E. Kokil, Sanjoy hardware, Thoubal Bazar; RK Gyaneshore hardware, Bishnupur Bazar; Lamka hardware, Zortam steel, Churchandpur hardware store of Churchandpur Bazar and other dealers.

Message to the society

Appealing to the younger generation, he said, “We can fulfil our target if there is patience and determination. So let us pursue our aim so that the socio-economic condition of the state may prosper and show to the other states that we too can do it and survive.”

We, the Manipuris, are generally lack of work culture in comparison to non-Manipuris and recruiting of reliable workers is a big headache. Above that the present law and order problem make reluctant the non-Manipuri to come here for work. Frequent Band and economic blockades affects business growth as it disturbs in import of the raw materials from other state through the two National highways – Imphal-Dimapur and Imphal-Jiribam route, added Geetaranjan.  



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