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The Micro hydel power generator giving light to a dark village.


It has been centuries Tanulong Lanka village of Senapati settled here. However, the village having a population of about 1200 with 85 households is, no doubt,  yet to be electrified. The villagers here eneavour to electrify themselves by installing some micro hydel power generators purchased from the market with their own contribution and with the six solar lamps provided by MANIREDA some years back.

A Micro hydel power generator mainly generates power when the turbine is operated with the water flow of hill gorge pool. They enjoy regular power supply during rainy season as the hydro turbine works well due good water flow during such season. In dry season, the village remains dark due to shortage of water flow. Kerosene, Candle or Uchan Meira are the only source of light for them in such situation.

To solve the hardships faced by the villagers due to power shortage, they put on their heads together and resolved to purchase some mini hydel power turbines that would generate power for the village rather than relying on the Government.  

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