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Upper Naoriya Handloom Cluster Mongshangei


Upper Naoriya Handloom Cluster Mongshangei is a registered society, founded in 2011 under the leadership of Akoijam Sorojini Devi. This cluster has 500 people.

Business connections:

Business contact person: Akoijam Sorojini Devi

Address: Heirangoithong Ningthemcha Karong

Phone number: 8132065958

Email id: NA

Website: NA

Facebook page: NA

Webpage: http://manipurtime.com/Upper-Naoriya-Handloom-Cluster-Mongshangei

Available Products: Cotton and silk phee, Rani phee, Saree, Blouse/Tops, Khudei

Products available at a) business address and Imphal Bazar

Product Images

This products are listed here under the theme of “Make in Manipur online campaign” initiated by Maniputimes 

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