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World Youth Summit 2015, Imphal – Day 1 and 2


WYS 2015 India (Day-1)
Imphal, March 29: The five-day World Youth Summit 2015 (WYS) India kickstarted at City Convention Centre in Imphal on March 29th and will continue till April 2nd. With the cross-cutting theme, “Youth for Global Empowerment”, the Summit has been organized by Club25 International Manipur and International Youth Committee (IYC). More than 500 delegates, both foreign and national youth, are taking part in this mega youth event.
The inaugural ceremony was graced by Shri Okram Ibobi Singh, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Manipur as the Chief Guest of the function, Shri Gaikhangam, Hon’ble Deputy Chief Minister of Manipur, Prof. N. Rajmuhon Singh, Chairman, WYS 2015 India and Prof W.C. Singh, Co- Chairman, WYS 2015 India as the Guests of Honour of the event. Prof. Ram Boojh, National Program Specialist, UNESCO, New Delhi and Prof Chandan Ghosh, Head Geo Hazard Division, NIDM, Ministry of Home Affairs were the Special Guests of the function. And Shri K. Kanarjit Singh, Convenor, WYS 2015 India graced the ceremony as the President.
Welcoming the dignitaries, delegates and everyone, Ms Mutum Naobi, President Club25 International Manipur highlighted the work done by the organization and also briefed about the World Youth Summit 2015 India.
Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Guest, Shri O. Ibobi Singh Hon’ble CM of Manipur said: “It is a great joy that the World Youth Summit 2015 India is being held in Manipur. The future of a society rests in the hands of the youth. You are the future. And youth should be empowered in every possible way.”
Shri Gaikhangam, Hon’ble Deputy CM of Manipur who was the guest of honour made an exquisite speech, saying: “Everyone is asking for empowerment, rights etc. but no one talks about responsibility that comes with these big words. So, I would like to make a suggestion about the theme. The theme of this summit is “Youth of Global Empowerment”, however, I would like to add a word “Responsibility” to it. Certainly, youth are the pillar of future. But, if you miss today, tomorrow you won’t get the chance. So, youth should grab the opportunities today itself.”
Addressing the young delegates, Prof Ram Boojh said that this is a stage wherein global youth will have a chance to deliberate their ideas and issues related to them. It will certainly help them in becoming leaders of tomorrow. He further said that he was truly overwhelmed with the effort. “They are future leaders and we must work to give the youth a chance to share their ideas and experience in a summit like this,” he quipped.
On the similar note, Prof Chandan Ghosh asserted, “In our times, we did not have such summits, we were so occupied with our academics. It is very fortunate that today’s youth have a larger platform to discuss their issues.”
Speaking at the inaugural ceremony, Prof Rajmuhon said: “I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all our young delegates. As 60-70% of the population is youth, they are the barometer and nerves of the society. Youth are making positive contribution to the society.”
In his speech, Prof W.C. Singh asserted, “Empowerment is fulfilled with educating youth. Delivering good to the society, we are going to share lots of knowledge in this summit, I am glad.”
Expressing his condolence over the bomb blast that occurred in a Pakistani School last year, Shri K. Kanarjit Singh said, “I am pleased to be with you all, the young delegates. I am delighted that this summit will bring a positive change to the society. The summit will discuss lots of issues under the seven themes concerning biodiversity, youth and social justice, hunger and poverty among others.”
Proposing the vote of thanks and expressing gratitude to everyone, Ms Mehnaz Nasreen, Founder Editor, Youth Street News said, “Thankfulness is such a small word to actually thank the dignitaries, organizing committee, sponsors, partners, delegates, invitees, donors, media fraternity and volunteers. Without them, the event would have been incomplete.”
The ceremony also witnessed a signature campaign on crime against women and children. And the campaign was initiated by the Chief Guest of the event. As a part of the inaugural ceremony, cultural programmes such as Manipuri folk dance and an unplugged session by a band called “Gravity” were also held. The function concluded with a formal dinner at the venue. All in all, the World Youth Summit 2015 India inaugural ceremony was a grand success.

WYS 2015 India (Day-2)
WYS 2015 India plenary and technical session held
Imphal, March 30: With cross-cutting theme, “Youth for Global Empowerment”, the technical session involving more than 200 young delegates and renowned speakers was held at the City Convention Centre on March 30th as a part of the World Youth Summit 2015 India. The technical session has been held under Dr. WC Singh, Co-Chairman of the WYS 2015 India with the support of the organizing committee.
The eminent speakers of the Plenary Session included Prof. Ram Boojh, National Program Specialist, UNESCO, New Delhi; Prof Chandan Ghosh, Head Geo Hazard Division, NIDM, Ministry of Home Affairs; and Dr. Dhanabir Laishram, Social Worker. The Chairperson of the plenary session was Retd Prof N Joykumar Singh, Manipur University and Dr Mary Thomos and Ms Debala were the rapporteurs of the plenary session.
Dividing into four sessions, the technical session was held under the themes such as ‘Conservation of biodiversity for sustainable development’, ‘health, education, sports, culture and heritage’, ‘youth for social justice’, and ‘youth for hunger’. The young delgates presented their presentation with much zeal and enthusiasm.
The plenary and technical sessions were followed by a panel discussion on the above mentioned themes moderated by renowned personality Prof Mohendro.
The second day of the World Youth Summit 2015 India was successfully concluded with cultural programmes and formal dinner. 


Press release submitted by Mehnaz Nasreen

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