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Xenoh corporate football challenge ends with Blackberry leading the field


The 2nd Xenoh Corporate Football Challenge 2014, which kick off its challenging matches on 21st February, concluded today (30, March) with its fast and furious exciting final match, played between Apunpba Fitness Centre (AFC) versus Blackberry (James Khaling & Sons) Team at TBSFA ground Taobungkhok, in which  Blackberry crushed AFC by 3-0.

The Blackberry team, clad in yellow shirt, took the winning trophy with a cash award of Rs.1 Lakh for the victory, which the trophy and cash award was handed to the team by H Nandakumar, Vice Chancellor, Manipur University. And, the AFC, clad in white uniform,  took the runner-up trophy with a cash award of Rs. 50,000 which the prize was handed to the team by Bijoy Koijam, president Manipur Olympic Association (MOA)

The grand final match cum splendid closing ceremony was attended by President, Manipur Olympic Association (MOA) Bijoy Koijam; Vice Chancellor, Manipur University H Nandakumar, as president and  chief guest of the function. And, at guest of honour Dr. Palin, Managing Director (MD) Shija Hospital and Research Institute (SHRI); Dr. Th Dhabali, MD Babina health care and hospitality Pvt. Ltd; Vikram Mehta, Colonel 18 Sikh and Nishikanta Sapam, Publisher Sangai Express also attended the final match cum closing ceremony of this year 2nd Xenoh Corporate Football Challenge, 2014.

Before the initiation of the final match, an exhibition match of 30 minutes was also played between All Black United and Aircel. And, this year Xenoh Corporate Football Challenge 2014, which was organised by Hero’s Foundation and hotel Classic as its main sponsor, was participated by 42-teams with a rounds of 110 matches to punt the final match. In the semi-final round, AFC defeated Aqua Dew and Blackberry defeated Endeavour to punt the today’s final match. And the moment before the final match kickoff, the uniformed music band of the 18 Sikh tune-up to warm up the players and presented a euphonious sound of music for the match with its dazzling white coat and black trouser, along with its red-turban. And at the side line of final match, Manipur Photography Society (MPS) also distributes its beautiful calendar to the special guests as a gift, in which every pages of the calendar were imprint with colourful, rare and exquisite varied photographs taken by their members.

Today’s fastidious final match  was refereed  by Kh Ranjit for centre (state class-I); Th Kiranjit for AR1 (National Refree); P Rajest-AR-1 (state class-I); G Gokulanda sharma (National Referee) and the match commissioner was chaired by Th Sanatomba (ex-referee, National Awardee). The ground was packed and surrounded with state football’s fans and audiences outside the ground, in which sounds of drumming, hollering of mouth-horns and voices to enthused their supporting team filled the place.

Before the first-half, Julian (shirt No.10) of Blackberry punted and made the first goal in 21 minute. And, Piterson (shirt no. 21) kickoff 2-goal after the first-half, one in 51 minutes and another in 62 minutes during the match hour. And Blackberry scored 3-goals in sum in today match. It may be mention that Blackberryteamchampioned the first Xenoh Corporate Football Challenge previous year. And in today match, Sana Ningombam of Blackberry received the ‘Man of the Tournament’  title, which he was awarded a trophy with a cash prize of Rs. 5000.


For this year, the players and the teams of Xenoh Corporate Football Challenge 2014 parted to meet again, and to challenge next year in the football ground. This year event was formally came to an end by sliding down the hoisted flag of the tournament by President, Manipur Olympic Association (MOA) Bijoy Koijam. 


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