Home Festival Manipur Sangai Festival #‎mobviolencesucks kicks off at Manipur Sangai Featival 2015

#‎mobviolencesucks kicks off at Manipur Sangai Featival 2015


November 30, 2015: Time to get back to humane rationality!!!; in the past few months many of us had been affected either directly or indirectly by actions of mob violence and the so called fast track justice; we may in the rush of vein called it a justification but let’s also remember that no permanent solution is brought forth by this action rather there are more wrong doings than the true justice. Armstrong Pame along with his team of Global Shapers Community, Imphal Hub takes up this campaign whereby the team take a vow not to be a part of this mob violence in future. Kindly join Armstrong Pame in this campaign in order to make a better world. The event was officially kicks off at Sangai Festival Today at around 4 p.m. Actor Gurumayum Bonny Sharma was part of the official launching of hastag mobviolencesucks

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