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A Penny For A Better Tomorrow


Who We Are:

We are a “Group of Aspirants” fighting against the corruption and malpractices in recruitment process of the Manipur Public Service Commission (MPSC). We have filed cases and still 4 cases are pending in the High Court of Manipur. It is a well known fact that Judiciary route is very expensive and since most of us are students, we need funds to fight the cases in the Court to bring out fair justice.

Currently, these are the pending cases in the High Court of Manipur:-
In Single bench –

  1. W.P.(C). No -357 of 2017
    2. W.P.(C). No -505 of 2017
    3.W.P.(C). No -606 of 2017

    In Double bench :-

1.Writ Appeal (W.A.) No.-19 of 2017 [ Appeal for the disposed cases W.P. (C). no.      803/2016, W.P. (C). no 817/2016 and W.P. (C). no 60/ 2017]

Moreover, it is likely that whatever the outcome of the cases may be, we might need to fight the same case in the Double Bench as well as in the Supreme Court. Let us hope, fund will not be an issue hampering our fight for justice.

What we have done so far to raise funds:

  1. Visiting various coaching institutions in Manipur and spreading the awareness with the hope to sensitize and garner funds from the aspirants as well as general public.
  1. CrowdFunding through the platform of “Milaap”


  1. Fund Drive through Social networking such as Whatsapp groups, Telegram channels, Facebook etc.

Picture: Account Details for the Group Of Aspirants:

4. Diasporas across the Globe, specially Manipuris in US and Europe have been kind enough to contribute funds and other supports for the cause and in the hope for a clean recruitment in the MPSC.

5. Fortunately, the High Functionaries of the State have been supporting our cause and kind enough to extend monetary help as well.

Our Goals and Aspirations: 

We request all the well wishers of this cause to kindly support us in seeking justice from the highest court of appeal in our land. The change we are trying to bring today is for a better tomorrow, if it’s not now, it’s never. This reform will help us in realising the dream of a competent, a corruption free, a transparent and an efficient system. Your generous contribution will help us inch closer towards this realization!

Where Can You Find Us 

Please visit our Facebook Page and Group at the links given below where all the efforts and developments of the cause have been posted.

For a Better and Transparent MPSC:

Fb page: https://www.facebook.com/4aBT.MPSC/

Group of Aspirants MPSC Manipur:

Fb Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/705986446133306/

Online Petitionhttps://www.change.org/p/mpsc-manipur-scam-quash-civil-services-exam-2016
The contact details of Group Admins are also available on the page. Should you have any queries and concerns on this cause of ours, you are always welcome to reach out to us.
E-Mail: [email protected]

Website : http://www.mpscmanipur.com

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