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Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur – A Book from Byron Aihara seeks support from public at Kickstarter


A researcher of Manipuri traditional culture, Byron Aihara, (from the United States) aas started a Kickstarter to publish his book, “Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur”. Here you can pre-order the l book, and get photographs and music. Here is the direct link to the Kickstarter page:


Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur, is the very first in depth photography study of this subject. The book explores the in need of protection and endangered dance music and performance arts of the tiny Northeast Indian state of Manipur. My research was carried out over a 16 month period (Nov. 2013 to March 2015). The project has received the support and guidance of the most respected elders and artists living in Manipur today. Acknowledgments include the Padma Shree awardee and master Pena musician Oja Khangembam Mangi, (whose home I lived at for over four months), and the esteemed Maibi (female priestess and shaman) of Imphal, Ima Dhoni Amaibi.

Dance Music and Ritual in Manipur
The first in depth photography book and research by a Westerner on the music, dance and rituals of the Indian state of Manipur.


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