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Dog Masters thronged Vety hospital for ARV vaccination


Imphal, May, 30: In view of the recent suspected cases of Rabies disease menace prevailing in the state, many Dog owners thronged veterinary hospitals and other private dog care centers for vaccination of their Dogs with Anti rabies vaccine.

The recent news reports of some local dailies about three persons of tamenglong  succumbing to suspected cases of rabies and the hospitalization of five persons of Phumlou after the victims were reportedly bitten by dogs, People in the state are now alarmed and gripped with fear.

As a measure to protect Dogs from Rabies disease, State vety Department takes up mass ARV vaccination campaigns in different nook and corner of the state. Even as Vety department takes up measures to fight Rabies disease, Prevalence of Rabies disease is not officially declared  by the Government yet.

 Mention may be made that In 2006, Reports of many casualties and some persons succumbing to suspected cases of Rabies in the valley areas of the state  highly alarmed the state.  


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