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At this south – eastern corner of a bend in the Imphal River a lake existed. It was traditionally considered to be an abode for deities who neutralize negative energies. Many reptiles, caterpillars and insects unearthed from the Kongba Leithong Phatpa rituals were dropped at the lake after prayers by the Maibas for the welfare of the State.

When the residential palace of the king was profaned by the accidental entries of serpents, owls, python, water hens or termites, these creatures were released at the lake to neutralize their evil influence and energies. The site has been venerated through generations for its curative powers emanating from powerful presiding deities.

Yubaraj Bir Tikendrajit Singh, a patriot, was cremated here after being hanged by British on August 13, 1891.

Courtesy: Words are found imprinted on the memorial stone at Heecham Yaicham Pat.

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