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Meira Foods is a registered firm under the proprietorship of Hanjabam Shubhra Devi. It was founded in 2004.

Address: Brahmapur Aribam Leikai, Imphal

Business Connections:

Contact person :Hanjabam Shubhra Devi

Phone number: 98662285345

Email id: [email protected]

Website: https//meirafoods.com

Facebok page : Meira Foods

Webpage: https://manipurtimes.com/Meira-Foods

Available Products:

Pickles of bamboo shoot, soyabean, fish, chicken,U-Morok and ngari, ngari, chilli, mix-vegetable, mango, hawaijar, mushroom, garlic, lemon.

Candy varieties – amla, plum, wild apple, mango, ginger

Beson powder, soya dried, kabok, bori

Products available at a) Business Address b) Selected retailer shops c) Online

Shop online here

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