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#MIE2016 – DKK3SONS’s Interlocking bricks gives effective strength to buildings


DKK3SONS is a budding industry which deals in interlocking compressed bricks and machine for making it. Manufacturing unit of the industry is located at Nambol Thangtek and its administrative office at MG Avenue, Majorkhul Imphal.

The industry is a joint venture of D John and Peter hailing from Majorkhul. They initiated the venture in 2010 and have been able to give employment to some local people. Advantage of the new brand Interlocking blocks are like two adjoining pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Each block has a projection at one end and a depression at the other. The blocks have vertical holes in them which have a double purpose. Firstly, the holes reduce the amount of material required to make the block without compromising on its strength. Secondly, the steel rods can be inserted or mortar poured into them to increase the building’s strength and stability. Thirdly, cost savings as cement and sand are of minimum used for constructing the wall and less labour intensive and more time saving.

Being a less heat intensive and natural material, laterite retains coolness inside the house. The interlocking bricks can be salvaged without damage when the house is being dismantled in the future. 6mm gravel (chips) mixed with crusher dust and cement and then pressed in hydraulic press (15 T). The block is ready for use after water curing for 7 days. the block will have compressive strength of 20 T. The length of each block is exactly double its width, in order to achieve accurate alighnment of bricks placed at right angles.

It’s more durable, resistant to water, fire and termites, and aesthetically appealing. Interlocking blocks has environmental advantage. No deforestation, low energy requirement for block production and transportation. The company sells the interlocking brick at Rs 22 to 25 per block

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