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MIMS ManFete 2014 from 13th –15th of March, 2014


Manipur Institute of Management Studies (MIMS), MU is organizing the annually held Management Festival, Man-Fete 2014 from 13th –15th  of March, 2014. The festival aims to provide a better platform for the upcoming youth (Mainly youths) of the state to display their talents, share knowledge and above all experience the very possibilities apart from academics and discover their worthiness.

About Man-Fete

Manfete, the annual management festival of MIMS, Manipur University, after a huge wave of success last year which attracted 500 participants and more than 5000 spectators from across the state, the most happening festival of Manfete is back and better than ever. The curtain will rise again for the 3 days when the sun is shining bright and the sky is brimming with Kites- dancing on the rhythm of the windy spring season of March. This time Manfete will give a new taste to the people of the “Land of Jewels” with the spectacle of unparalleled excitement, nerve-wrecking competition and awe-inspiring performance from the talented participants.

          Manfete has captured the imagination of the youths and students across geographies and emerged as one of the leading cum cultural festivals in Manipur University. The student community has been taking the lead in organizing the grant event since 1996. The festival will run across three days at the premier Manipur University campus. Essence of Manfete lies in its diversity of event, both in magnitude and ethnicity. It brings with itself, a constellation of cultural events, miraculous minds, talent, gamut of glamour, and the nectar of nostalgia. A place where dance, drama, music and art fuse with an added zing of informal event viz. MIMS Dare You!

          Manipur Institute of Management Studies organized Manfete with the theme “Education 360 degree”. The celebration of Manfete is a synchronization of creativity solely aimed at reaching out to the people, especially the youth with the idea of sharing and building management knowledge. Manfete shares a symbiotic association with culture, frenzy and euphoria. Over the year it has witnessed increased participation from students across the length and breadth of the state and has been one of the most crowds pulling event in Manipur University so far.


1. Man-Hunt

2. Fashion Parade

3. Unplugged

4. Eshei-Shakshi

5. Dance (Individual)

6. Dance (Group)

7. Dance (B-Boying)

8. Photography


10. Quiz (School)

11. Quiz (College)

12. Debate

13. Ex-Tempore

14. MIMS Business Idea

15. MIMS Dare You

16. Spot Painting (School)

17. Spot Painting (College)

18. Essay

19. Treasure Hunt

Dimension of Manfete:

1. Management Event

            The essence of the event is to bring out managerial and conceptual skills out of the students to nurture them in becoming future managers.

·         Biz Idea

·         MIMS Dare You

·         Treasure Hunt

2. Arts and Culture

            The events are to bring together the ethnicity at one platform and exploring the creativities among the youths.

·         S-K-I-T

·         Dance

·         Fashion Parade

·         Man-Hunt

·         Photography

·         Eshei-Shakshi

·         Unplugged

3. Education

            This dimension of event is to nurture in framing a quality education through extra-curricular activities covering the contemporary issues of the society.

·         Quiz

·         Debate

·         Spot Painting

·         Essay Writing

·         Ex-Tempore

Follow the latest development of Manfete 2014 at Facebook page 


FB Event Announcement


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