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MSF 2015: Decorative Table Lamp of a local Artisan enthrals customers at stall no 73


Decorative items made of cane and bamboo, woods, plastic and fabrics crafted by Heikrujam (o) Sumila Devi, 53 years, wife of Ganashyam Heikrujam, an Artisan from Sagolband Thangjam Leirak, Imphal is another point of attraction for many tourists and festival revelers of the Manipur Sangai festival 2015.
The Artisan showcases her decorative items at standard stall no 73 of Manipur Sangai Festival. Sumila has also been able to provide employment to may budding Artisans at her three handicraft training centres located at Sagolband Thangjam Leirak.
She gets full support from her husband Ganashyam Heikrujam, a government employee. She won meritorious award of the state Commerce and Industries Department for her artistic decorative craft “decorative golden lamp” embroidered with different motifs. She said that she is eyeing for the state award next year.
“Credit of my success in the craft venture goes to my husband without whose support the success would not be possible”, she said.
She makes different decorative items like flower (Chandramukhi, rose, sunflower), flower pot, table lamp are made with cane and bamboo, woods, plastic and fabrics etc.
She said that the price of her table lamp is fixed at Rs 3500. On the first day of Manipur Sangai Festival, she could sell 10 such pieces. Among the decorative items, she has received high demand for the decorative table lamp.

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