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Ningol Chakgouba Celebrated in Thailand


Manipuri group living in Thailand celebrate Ningol chakgouba on 19 November 2016. As we live in different parts of Thailand, working in different professional fields, and sadly unable to manage vacation, we couldn’t celebrate Chakgouba on the same day as our brothers and sisters do in Manipur. Feeling nostalgia of missing the season at home(Manipur) but with great joy that we are able to get the opportunity of our traditional festival and blessing from our senior-most of the group, Tamo Chinghem, who has been living for 30 years in Thailand, with about 20 Manipuris altogether, had this Chakgouba to keep the tradition among Manipuris here in Thailand, too. We, brothers (Pipa) are very happy to see our sisters feeling joy, being able join this annual celebration, able to catch this rare occasion far away from home (Manipur); we always called home even if some of us have settled here permanently.

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