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Oinam Doren wins ‘Tangible Culture’ Prize in UK


National award winning filmmaker Oinam Doren’s new film “My name is Eeooow” has won the ‘Tangible Culture’ Prize in UK. The film was part of the 36 films shortlisted from around the globe for the 15th RAI Film Festival which took place at Watershed in Bristol (UK), from 29 March to 1 April 2017.

The film was shot in Kongthong village, East Khasi Hills Meghalaya. The film follows the families of two married sisters; Shidiap Khongsit and Shithoh Khongsit whose children has to stay in Shillong for higher studies as the village school has provision for only up to class seven. The filmmaker tries to question what happen to the tradition of having musical names in the village when the children leaves the village.

Villagers of Kongthong village were exalted on hearing the news. They have thanked Doren and all the crew members involved for working very hard to make a beautiful film out of their village.

After the world premiere in Bristol (UK), My name is Eeooow will start travelling to other film festivals, film clubs, Institutes and universities.

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