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PM Modi, are you pakka Indian?


Written by Ningombam Bupenda Meitei.

EAM Sushma Swaraj has apologised for an act whose control is not under her ministry while PM Modi and the minister concerned, Home Minister Rajnath, are maintaining a stoic silence. Under which IPC, a criminal offence case can be filed for racism committed against a non – ST indigenous people, having Mongoloid features, of the North East India? If he or she belongs to ST/SC, then there is an act to safeguard ST/SC but for OBCs or Unreserved category of indigenous people of the North East India, there is no law, as yet, in India to protect and safeguard OBCs/UR people of the North East India from racism? So, how can a racial act is said to have been committed in a court of law when there is nothing in IPC to book a criminal under anti – racial act of India? When will Parliament enact an anti – racial act of India?

I can also make a mockery of PM Modi asking him, “PM Modi, you look like a Pakistani. Are you a pakka Indian? Do you know all the capitals of the North East India if you are an Indian?” in front of a public gathering. The point is, PM Modi may charge me that I have racially discriminated him. But, under which IPC, can PM Modi file a criminal case against me and lodge an FIR in a nearest police station against me? The legal point is: PM Modi is neither ST nor SC, he is in OBC. Can an OBC PM Modi file a racial attack case against anyone who is perceived and considered to have committed an act of racial attack on him in India?

Will PM Modi be contended if I tender my apology for my Pakistani remark against him?

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  1. I think it will be better if we don’t stretch
    It was the fault of one guard who doesn’t know Northeastern people. It was not whole Indian people.
    If he was confused with us as Chinese or Japanese
    Why the hell we need to bad feel?
    I myself have experience this
    It is their illiteracy.
    Sushma , she is sweet person
    I respect her
    Imagine if she dint say sorry who else will?
    PM don’t need to give a comment on this small issue
    Let’s not cook racism always
    We are separated by a wall
    So, little misunderstanding we take it as a racial act.

    If we are better than them, let’s act and behave.


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