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Riverbank Music Festival, 2015


An acoustic music festival will be held at Imphal River Bank at Singjamei Thokchom Leikai Imphal on 25th march 2015.

About the Festival:

The River Bank Music Festival will be located on the bank of Imphal River which runs through the hearts of the Imphal city. River Bank Music Festival aim to bring awareness to save the river bank from encroachments, erosions, mass -wasting (man-made).The festival will have something for every walk of life live Entertainment, exhibitions, business, food stalls etc.

Why River Bank Music Festival is Organized?

Music has no barrier has no boundaries has neither race nor religion , Mother nature express to her child in the voice of music ever ceaseless withering faces & status of Rivers of Manipur is really pathetic. Nature is calling children to save this negative change in her language of Music.

Why its named called River Bank Music Festival? And Why this particular spot is choosen?

The Name is given as “River Bank Music Festival” to highlight the mind of people the  awareness and the alertness to save , protect and improve the conditions of detroiting status of Rivers of Manipur. And as the name is given is choosen this particular Spot ( Imphal River Bank)

Line up of the Festival:

Venue  : Singjamei mathak thokchom leikai near Pettigrew School

Date    : 25th march 2015

Time    : 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm


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