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Selling Soibum at Kakching market – Naorem Randhoni Devi


Naorem Randhoni Devi of Wairi Bamol Pareng, Kakching sell soibum (fermented bamboo shoots) of two kinds – ariba (1, 2,3 and 4 years old ones) and anouba (fresh and less than one year old) at Kakching market. The price of soibum anouba costs Rs 40 to 50 per kg while for soibum ariba it ranges from Rs. 80 to 200 per kg. Old soibum type is the one which has been stored for more than one year. Soibum stored for more than 4 years are considered to be very soft and tasty and they are more expensive ones available at Kakching market. She usually sells approximately 40 kgs of soibum per day and during the summer excursion time of school students the sales are at its peak.  The earning from selling soibum is more suffice for running her family and education of her growing up children. Soibum is one of the major attractions of tourists visiting Kakching market for buying something from Kakching market.

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