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Creative sculpture – The Innocence and The intuition from Dinesh Khundrakpam


Dinesh Signh Khundrakpam hails from Manipur, Bishnupur, and is presently working in Mumbai, India from past 10 years, engaged in creative sculpture, participating in various solo and group exhibitions. From Childhood he has shown keen interest in creative ideas which is always innovative concepts which he has acquired mostly from self study and passionate interest. He has completed Bachelors degree from Indra kala Sangeet University in Khairagarh, Chhattisgarh. His sculptures are sold to United States, Nigeria and in India Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, and Goa. The materials which are used by the artist are long lasting and good quality metal such as, brass, steel and bronze.
The Innocence
The concept of this theme is the present day reality which is often happening among ourselves, in the cities as well as in villages. The female in this sculpture is a rape victim, who lies still in the hope of being supported by the very hands which are sculptured below it and they represent the public. Getting deeper in to it’ significance, the artist tries to convey the relation among the victim, the public and the incident. We, as the public vehemently condemn rape crimes but how far do we support and fight against it is the question the artist imposes through the hands. The artist wants to invites the viewer to join hands in unity to live in society as good human being respecting the Mother, the daughter, the sister, the wife. Another aspect of this theme is also an invitation for the youth of today to join hands in unity to support and revitalize the values of respect and love to all females. The texture in the body of the sculpture is similar to a bark of the tree which brings to mind of the sculptor the way in which each one of us are brought up in the family with certain values, the tree which does not harm anyone instead it only helps to shelter birds and animals ,provide shade for the way farer and supplies fruits for nourishment to the human body, the same way the Females too reciprocate in procreation with God the creator of human beings . The shining cloth on the body of the sculpture symbolizes the newness the young generation anxiously looking for in every instant of their life. By the mirror at the base of the sculpture the artist wants to recall the idea of reflection which brings to mind the responsibility that each individual of the society should have to protect every women of our country. .This type of incident can happen today to someone else and tomorrow to me. So, each one of us equally holds responsibility to protect and safe guard the dignity of each woman.
The intuition
In this work, the artist emphasizes, the power and the delicateness of young minds .Most often the young adult wood is the phase in life where one’ s mind is filled with hope ,unique ideas and daring guts to bring about a change in his life or in a greater sphere. It’s like the bloom of a flower that has the latent potential to mesmerize the world. It’s spiritual beauty that sprouts from within. The artist believes that if this spiritual quest is suppressed and not satiated at the right time, it may die off easily. Depicting this spirituality are the natural leaves that come out from within and spread in to his whole being. In this sculpture too there is the symbolism of the tree which is shown in the texture so as to visualize the goodness in self and not to harm anyone but only spread goodness. This goodness is grown from within and spreads all around the body.
Here once again the artist invites the youth of today to think good and spread this goodness to everyone around. The thinking capacity of the young mind is no for doing wrong things. The artist likes to continue in this theme in his future works and thus spreading the message of purity and goodness of thinking.

Studio address: Dinesh singh khundrakpam. Prathanalaya 113 B.J.Road. Bandra (w) Mumbai-400 050
Contact: +91 9969333419
Email ID: [email protected], [email protected]

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