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Soma Laishram releases her enchanted number “Humlaklae Angaoba Malangna”


Film Actress Soma Laishram releases her first musical album Angaoba Malang on 5th October at Classic Royal Hall in an energetic evening of unplugged music and social gathering.  The video album is directed by young director Hemanta Khuman. Ali as music director, Yoimayai Mongsaba as editor, Shivaji as Visual Effect and all associated production unit including lyricists still in their youthful days.The album is unique in a way how it is being depicted with classic clips. The music album also depicts some of Soma’s childhood days and her social cause. The album is dedicated to Soma Laishram’s late father who passed away untimely.

The album depicts some classic shots and the music is energetic. Added to it the actress did her number in a clear tone and it proves to be a real choice of the audience.   

On the same day a website on the eminent actress was also released to make possible for her audience to access on her regular updates.  The releasing function marks the honouring of the production team of the musical event and website creator. Everyone was wearing a happy face with lots of suspense and thrill. A dinner to make the evening complete and compact was also served. In fact artists, cameraman, directors, editor, make-up artists, musicians had some good time together. More of a celebration after the hard work and social gathering of a grand release ready to roll out to the audience in just few hours. The moments were indeed precious and joyful.

Unplugged numbers from Dirty Strike, Soma Laishram, and other artists thrilled the gathering scattered at the round table of the majestically set up Classic Royal Hall. Personalities like footballer Rennedy, film actress Abenao besides others turn up at the social evening of the video album and website releasing function.

The event is supported by Manipur Photography Society.

You can catch up the music video album in her website www.somalaishram.com at the meant time listen the song




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