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Summertime Blues and Rock 2013 ‘on the way !!


Come one and all!

Four bands and a solo performance from an eminent Manipuri music rock star Sanaton Sharma is all set to thrill the audience in a jam pack musical extravaganza at GM Hall on 5th of July 2013.

To give a highlight about the bands that would be performing on the happening day bands like Fringes who have created an air of blues in town over the last couple of years, and famous music personality Jiangam Kamei who have added a lot of flavour and extra mileage to the western music notes with local context, Vivek Chongtham whose mesmerising vocal take you to a thrill and excitement is all set to rock everyone.

When we interacted with the organisers and musicians the Summer Time Blues and Rock, 2013 is a great cause and has certain objectives.

“The effort we are trying to put in is to bring back all those rock n roll spirit which somewhere hibernated for quite some time in the midst of time. We are trying to prove that the rock n roll will not die young, which is why some of our great senior artists even though they are old in age but still the rock n roll energy is in high Voltage. Their contribution is commendable and we the young generation is trying to carry forward their dream and aspirations. Even though rock as a form of art is a sub-culture in Manipur but it has its own followers and we believe that this will continue forever.” says Sanjeev Thingnam lead guitarists of Fringes.

The bands are :-

The Brothers featuring Jiangam Kamei,


The Underdogs

Also featuring S Sanaton Sharma,

Third Chapter – gospel rock band

Event by Phat Boys Entertainment.



The organisational level is charming, there is a lot of zeal about the music. It could be term as a fusion of the old trend and the new practice in a platform bridging the transitional gap. The stage is set and the best part is some rocking numbers from our senior artists Sanaton whose number like “ Sanjenthong gi thongkhaga’’ and “ likli gi lai’’ in a completely new audience set where there will be more number of youths.

Getting oriented with the language in a music genre and setting a trend of audience in remix music is indeed a new flavour. In fact original numbers from Fringes and other bands and great artists who would be performing in Summertime Blues and Rock 2013 is going to be a much matured evening.

The bands are jamming now. There is a lot of practice and the event organisers are doing their best in trying to bring this event and entertain the music loving audience. The evening at GM Hall will be a good one as it is rainy season and the hall is sound proof from the rain. The parking space is spacious. A sit and listen or a stand and walk in the usher path to search for friends and a compact green room for the artists are ready to embrace the music fill day.

One can make a good evening over a cloud of good numbers and energy filled day as the artists perform their best for you.

Lets’ create this culture more variant since rock n roll talks about freedom and brotherhood of mankind says a band member.




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