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TANGKHUL ETA NUNGSIBI – Promila Ningthoujam’s first book released


Promila Ningthoujam, a student of DM college of Arts, released her first book titled “TANGKHUL ETA NUNGSIBI” at Manipur Hindi Parishad Hall on April 8, 2019. The writer is a political science graduate in her 6th semester. As a part of her speech, she said ” The UKHRUL district of Manipur is the only habitat for Siroy Lily flower and is a unique variety which requires conservation. Not only the flower, the place shares its beauty with the indigenous TANGKHUL tribe of Manipur. The title of the book was coined when the poet heard about the uniqueness, richness and the deeply rooted connection between the TANGKHUL and the valley people. The underlying meaning of title clearly expresses the love between the communities residing at Manipur and how each one needs support of one another. The book is about the feeling of a valley girl when she first saw the beauty of the place. Unbelievably, the poet has never been to UKHRUL, but was inspired by the beautiful images and photographs of the place. Another inspiration is from the current law and order of the State. The event was coordinated properly till end and the message of the book “unity in the state ” was conveyed successfully.

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