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The Scheduled Tribe of Manipur: Angami Tribe


  • The Angami is a small scheduled tribe of Manipur having a population of only 650 as per the Census of 2001.
  • The mother tongue of Angami tribes is Angami language, which many people also identify in various names like Gnamei, Ngami, Angamis, Tsugumi, Monr, Tsanglo and Tendydie.
  • The lifestyle of Angami tribes is simple, typical of any other agrarian society of Indian tribal communities. Their main occupation is agriculture and they can produce about twenty varieties of paddy every year. The Angami tribes carry on cultivation on wet area on the hill terrains. The culture of Angami tribal community is enriched by exquisite woodcrafts and artworks exhibiting their true artistic skills.
  • Phousanyi is a popular festival of the Angamis which is celebrated for 10 days.



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