IMPHAL, 20TH OCTOBER, 2017 (DIPR):Deputy Chief Minister Shri YumnamJoykumar Singh said, Government is trying to develop water bodies as a measure to control flood and to develop fisheries in the State. He was speaking at the Annual Fish Fair-Cum-Fish Crop Competition held at HaptaKangjeibung today.

Deputy Chief Minister said, development of wetlands and water bodies and also rain water harvesting are the key areas where proper system need to be introduced so that fisheries can be made successful in the State. He said,water bodies in the State have to be developed as a measure to control flood and also to use as reservoirs where fisheries can be practiced. Citing that, the State has adequate rainfall annually, Shri Joykumar Singh said, fisheries can easily be practiced as a means of livelihood and employment generation of people. Majority of us preferred fish as an important food in the State, fish production has to be increased so as to meet the growing demand of it. Natural habitats as well as artificial habitats have also need to be developed to encourage indigenous fish farming in the State. Streams mostly in the hilly areas have to be developed where fish culture can be practiced easily, he added.

On fund allocation, Deputy Chief Minister said, Government will try to re-appropriate fisheries budget to meet the expenditures in the successful implementation of various projects.  He said, as the State has limited resources, we should try to approach to the Centre and also to the North Eastern Council(NEC) to implement various fish farming projects in the State. He assured to extend help in getting financial support from Ministry of Agriculture and NEC to develop fisheries in the State.

Commissioner (Fisheries) Shri ThaithuilungPanmei said, despite repeated flood in the State this year, fish production has considerably been increased. In fact, the relentless effort made by the farmers made it possible and it is an encouraging step. He said, the department has been trying to develop fisheries upto the level that export of fish to the neighbouring States after meeting the State’s requirements can be made possible. The State has the adequate potential to develop fisheries and if it is developed, it can generate employment thereby enhancing income generation and improvement of standards of living of people in the State.

Shri David K. Shimray, Director of Fisheries said, fish fair-cum-fish crop competition is being held to facilitate buyers and also to encourage fish farmers by giving marketing facilities. He said, the State has an annual production of 32,000 metric tonnes of fish as against the requirement of 42,000 metric tonnes having a gap of 10,000 metric tonnes.

To mend the supply gap by increasing fish production, various projects are being implemented under NEC and National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB). Eight schemes have been implemented to increase fish crop production.

On welfare of fish farmers, he said, 120 fish farmers have given home under National Welfare Fund for Fisherman (NWFF) and in the current fiscal, 180 numbers of fish farmers will be given home under the Fund. Life Insurance cover of fish farmers has been introduced and as of now 12,500 fish farmers have been enrolled. NEC has sanctioned a total of Rs. 3.2 crores for the development of fisheries in the hills.

Asserting that imparting training and technical knowhow should be encouraged, Shri Shimraysaid, department has approached to NEC to convert the State Fisheries Training Centre upto the level of Regional Fisheries Training Centre and NEC has accepted the proposal in- principle and soon it can be implemented. A total of 85,000 kilograms of fish are expected to produce at the fair-cum-competition. Cash awards of Rs. 1 lakh to the highest producer of fish, Rs.75,000/- and Rs.50,000/- respectively will be given to the second highest and third highest producer of fish crop production in the competition. An award of Rs. 20,000/- will also be given to the highest producer of indigenous fishes, he added.

Altogether, 60 Fish Stalls from different districts and fish farms wereopened and varieties of fishes such as Catla, Rohu, Mrigal, Common Carp, Grass Carp, Silver Carp, Pengba/Khabak and Ngaton were sold at the fair organised by the Department of Fisheries, Manipur. (DIPR)



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