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“Eigyagee Sharma Hotel” – waiting to serve


When people think of having khechri or a full meal in a rice hotel, it usually looks out for a neat and neat place where it avails most of the local delicious dishes like eromba, kangsoi, ngathongba, uti, singju and many others served in best way. Since preparing and having various indigenous dishes at ones’ respective home places has been a hectic task to perform, it is at hotel where one can enjoy most of the tasty cuisines in one time. Though there are many rice hotels in and around the city, only few stands out when it comes in delivering unique tastes and services consistently.

In such, “Eigyagee Sharma Hotel” situated at KangjeibungManing will be a perfect place to check it out for.With its delicious vast array of food’s menu, neat and clean set up and well experience cooks, the hotel has been serving most of the local dishes for the last many years. Located at the crowdedPaona Bazar area,it has able to win many food lovers’ heart with around 100-200 customers coming in for having meal. From its long list vegetarian to non-vegetarian items, the hotel is always in ready mood to make customer satisfied.

On daily basis, hotel is seen busy serving customers in its best form. At the hotel, by just paying Rs 80-100, one can have the privilege of enjoying most of the local dishes. Normally, the food is served in a beautifully set up banana leaf or “laa” as known in local dialect.

“Eigyagee Sharma Hotel is not just a food hotel instead we are running a food culture where we are shouldering responsibility of serving customers in best way. We are trying to avail most of the local dishes at reasonable price so that customers can have it collectively. Since the hotel came into existence, customers’ satisfaction has been always our goal and success. For this, we are employing well experience cooks and waiters as we do not want to compromise on the taste and services. Here, we have established our own unique taste”, said the hotel authorities.


 “We also prepared and take orders on special food items like paneer, maroithongbaetc particularly on Thursday as on this day many people stay away from non-vegetarian food items. Mainly Bengali customers visits the place and like our food items”, it added.

Besides local customers, people from outside the State also find this particular hotel a hotspot for having their meal. The hotel saw visiting of many foreign tourists recently at the time of 6th International Polo Tournament held at MapalKangjeibung. There, the tourists mainly Germans had praised the foods prepared by the hotel.

Delicious items like kangsoi, dal, uti, singju, sarengthongba, routhongba, chamfut, achar, fried prawn, erombaetc are some of the main items where one can find in the hotel’s menu.

Already convinced many customers with its delicious foods’ menu and quality oriented services, “Eigyagee Sharma Hotel” is striving for more customers’ satisfaction and in adding more taste to its menu.




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  1. There is no substitute for highly nutritious Manipur Dishes and the varieties of fish curry linger in our memory till date. Feel like coming back to GOD GIFTED MANIPUR . KUDOS TO MANIPUR CULTURE AND PEOPLE. BALA & SANTHI


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