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Inspiration Episode 1 – Entrepreneurship Motivation a way towards growth.


An event highlighting achievement and story of struggle for successful entrepreneurs in Manipur was held at MIMS Lecture Hall Manipur University on 6th January 2014. Sharing of the experiences and interaction from the students of MIMS towards the growth of a business establishment and its venture was the main highlights. Tools of success and prospect of an industrial set up shared by the leading entrepreneurs when they start up their own ventures were mesmerising. The marketing scopes, excellence of their industry were also shared during the event.

Organised by Manipur Times, For a Better Manipur and Korea Manipur Association the resourceful knowledge sharing programme was held under the banner ‘Inspiration Episode 1 – Entrepreneurship Motivation.

Enthusiastic management students of MIMS other participants from different field put up several questions to the speakers who include Dr. Dhabali Thangjam, MD, Babina Diagnostics and Chairperson, Classic Hotel. Thangjam Joykumar, MD, THnagjam Agro Industries Pvt.Ltd. Brand : Likla, Saratchandra Sagolsem, Proprietor, SS Electronics. Brand: Power Pride, Khagemba Sanabam, MD, Reliable Hydro – Tech & Manipur Oxygen Plant Pvt. Ltd, Brand:Marina Springs, Ragesh Keisham, CMD, The Sui Generis Inc. Brand : CC Tea.

The speakers spoke almost an hour each and there was 10 minutes interaction after the speech. Dr Dhabali continued speaking that the tourists visit has tripled as the protected area permit was lifted. He continued speaking that another four star hotel Classic Grande will be opened to the public by November this year. He also expressed about his service expansion running successfully in Dimapur and Kohima both in Hospitality and Diagnostics. He also expressed that another budget hotel will be opened at Moreh bordering town of Myanmar. He said that Classic hotel opened up with 70 staffs and it has 300 staffs now. He also informed that a hospitality management institute was operational from a year ago and the students are given job assurance as they will be absorbed in the upcoming four star hotels.

Ragesh Keisham, Chief Managing Director of CC Tea delivered on global market and detailed on his recent marketing expansion through giant retailers of the world like Spencer’s. He also informed that anyone from any part of the world could purchase his product from e – bay now his latest venture. He also informed that CC Tea product will be highlighted in 200 websites of the world in the days to come. Mention may also be made that CC Tea has opened its outlet in the Capital city and other States. He continued speaking that he employs around 2000 people consisting of part time and full time. Ragesh shared his venture and hardship at the beginning of his business as curious students poured in several questions. He also expressed that if his company can supply only one per cent of tea consumption in the world he could earn revenue of some thousand crores regularly in Indian Rupees.

Sagolshem Saratchandra, Preoprietor of SS electronics said “There was not even a single bank that I did not approach for loan to start my venture on electronics business. However much I wasted time for almost three years to get a loan from the bank, no bank was willing to provide me any loan. With the money borrowed from the local money lenders at the rate of five per cent to 10 per cent interest, the present SS electronics started producing its brand “power pride” right from 1995. Heavy works burning the midnight candle affected my eyes that holes found on retina of right eye. Relatives, friends were my first costumers of the brand Power pride at the initial stage. In course of time, my products have been one of the much sought items in the market with 70 per cent growth rate”.

 “For bringing development in Manipur which is industrially poor, Encouragement and patronage to the growing entrepreneurs by the Government is the need of the hour. Government need to look for genuine entrepreneurs while providing financial assistance. The main cause behind the downfall of MANIDCO is due to wrong investment to many fake entrepreneurs. Anybody who dreams to be a successful entrepreneur, he should sort out the trade that suits him. Otherwise he cannot be successful”, added Saratchandra who became an entrepreneur leaving his physics teacher job at Manipur public school. 

Delivering on the topic “Creation of wealth through distribution”, Khagemba Sanabam, Managing Director of Reliable Hydrotech and Manipur oxygen plant Pvt. Ltd said, with only Rs.20, 000 borrowed from his mo0ther, he started his business venture. He even struggled his life journey by rearing rabbits and running a poultry farm. No bank was willing to invest him any. To start his business, he approached a bank for loan. The bank manager turned down his request for loan with humiliating words.

“For poor man like us who dreams to do something different or unique in life, we should always swallow insult. On the one hand, honesty is the best tool to achieve success. Success in life, sometimes, depends on luck. The only way to get success is only TRY OUT. Those who do not try out won’t get success”, said Khagemba. 

Shortage of Electricity is one of main hurdles faced by most of the entrepreneurs in the state. Entrepreneurs running a factory involving much electricity volume and heavy machineries often find much inconvenience due to shortage of regular power supply and human resource in the state. Improvement of power supply will be a boon to the growing entrepreneurs. To supplement the requisite of essential food commodities in the state, he has acquired another two acres of land at Canchipur to start cultivation of varieties of crops besides his brand Marina Spring, a noted brand packaged drinking water, added Khagemba.  

Thangajam Joykumar, Managing Director of Thangjam agro Industruies Pvt. Ltd manufacturing Likla Brand said that Considering the business prospect of agro industries in the state, he started his Thangjam Agro Industries after completion of his studies. As his four brothers were outside for studies, he was the only son to assist his father’s grocery shop which was the only lifeline for his family. As a result of this, he had the tendency to do business from the very young age. He even ran a readymade garment shop before setting up the present Thangjam agro industries. Despite many challenges like marketing and logistic problems, he moved forward to achieve with great determination.

It is natural for the businessman to face hurdles at the initial stage. Initially, my industries often faced loss in business due to shortage of consumers. I personally went to various places of the State to sell the Likla brand.  It was a tough thing to compete other renowned brands such as Coca cola, Pepsi etc. already dominating the market. With my Likla brand increasing its popularity day by day, the business of my factory has been able to hold a spot in the market now with 53 per cent growth rate.

While south Indians encourage local products, Manipuris do not encourage local products. Development of economy lies with the encouragement of local products. Among the products we use daily, 90 per cent of the products are from outside. It is not a good sign, observed Joykumar.

The speakers confidently expressed that no one should be discouraged by the law and order situation or being a land lock region but one should start up his own venture with full of ideas.   

The event was endorsed by North America Manipur Association (NAMA) and Manipur Institute of Management Studies (MIMS) MU.

The whole episode was documented by Manipur Times team and it will be video uploaded for our audience.

Appreciation for the motivational programme came from the management students and other participants as to the lectures were productive and the brainstorming discussions were fruitful for a thoughtful ideas and grooming of the mind.

In fact the testimonial tales of the successful entrepreneur who have achieved their feat in the State must have bedazzled the fresh mind of the young students who must have had an open eye dream. Or a closed eye wakening of you can do it thoughts.

Entrepreneurs did have a pleasant time delivering their lectures to the budding students and it is when they lit up candles for everyone to shine that they find happiness. They were sighted mingling with the participants in the break time.


Entrepreneurs with truck load of ideas and aspiration will someday make the region a distinguished one in the development and growth sector with more employments and revenue generations remains the belief.

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