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Konsam Priyokumar- A Simple and Hardworking Tinsmith


Konsam Priyokumar Singh comes across as a person who is absorbed in his work. He sits in his shop working on G.I. Sheets (tin). He is nonchalantly keeps working without noticing anyone around him. He spends almost the whole day in his shop.  Konsam Priyokumar Singh, 57 of Sagolband Tera Keithel Khuraijam Leirak is the owner of the shop. His wife Kongsamongbi Tamila, 50 gives him a helping hand.

His shop is located at Keishampat Thiyam Leikai.

Priyokumar said that he  has been in this profession for the past 15 years. Earlier, he had a grocery shop.

He sells nala (water funnel), chicken feeder, meiphu (small hearth used as a heater), litre can, tarang (tin box) etc.

The price of the items differs from the quality of the raw-materials. The price of the items are fixed based on the market rate.

A good quality feeder costs 100 rupees whereas the price of the same item of lesser quality will be 60-80 rupees. While a medium sized tarang costs rupees 600-700.

From time to time, customers come to the shop and order their required items. They will order meiphu during the winter, nala during the rainy season. They will also order feeder or can according to their requirement.

Normally customers order items like feeder,meiphu, litre can etc. in bulk but order on water funnels are rare.

The making charges of items also differ according to the size and quality of the product.The making charge of a nala of 12 inch wide is rupees 35 per feet. It is rupees 25 if the width is 9 inch. Nala are made only when customers order for their household uses. It is rupees 50 if he makes a meiphu and rupees 40 if he makes a feeder. The making charge of a 10 litre capacity can is rupees 70. If he make a can of 5 litre he charges rupees 50.

“Last winter I sold more than 10,000 pieces of Meiphu. He sold them at wholesale rates. He said that he makes good money in winter by making meiphu. He added that he gets very busy in order to supply the demand. At times he took help from his friends if he alone cannot make up for the demand.

He specialises in making four or five things. The rest are prepared by other people.

Priyokumar said that after deducting all the expenditures and investments he earns around 20000-25000 rupees a month. He added that even though he does not earn that good money the income what he earns now is sufficient to maintain his small family.

His wife Tamila helps him eagerly. She delivers all work assigned to her efficiently which proves to be of great help to her husband.

She said that she has been helping her husband for the past 15 years. She added that she finds solace in work instead of sitting at home. She has also learnt to make few items.

The couple has a son and a daughter. Their earning from the shop can easily feed their children well they can send them in good schools as well.

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  1. Dear Lenin,
    The picture in your post of Konsam Priyokumar is not of him but of his adjacent tinsmith shop of Th. Ibocha Tin Work Centre who has been in the profession for more then decades and much earlier then Konsam Priyokumar.
    It is therefore requested to kindly make expedite necessary corrections at the earliest so that the public may not be misleaded.


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