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Laurel for the State, models bagged titles in 2013 – Part 1


With beauty pageant getting popular in Manipur many models has excelled in various competitions within and beyond the State. Manipur times got an opportunity to meet Waribam Viteshori, Redymenan and Kumkum Serto through Gyanand Beauty Academy. Here is an excerpt of the story behind their success.

Waribam Vitesori – Clinched the first Runner up and Miss Photogenic in Miss Luit 2013 North East held at Guwahati. She wants to try for Femina Miss India. Presently studying in GP Women College.

She reached Guwahati on 11 December. Was exposed to graph of the ramp walk and taught dance for seven days of grooming as a part of Miss Luit Contest by the organisers. The grand Finale happened on 18th Dec. All the contestants were introduced to one another. Kaushik Ghosh was the ramp choreographer and Ajay Dance Choreographer. 

20 contestants from North East out of 70 whom make it to the audition were selected for the final contests. Nee Tongbram, Teresa and Viteshori were selected from Manipur to participate in the contest. Nee Tongbram dropped as she had exam. Medha Saikia one of the main organisers came to Manipur and did the screening before they make it to Guwahati. Bridgette Irani a professional model came along with Media Sakia to take the audition on 1st October, Bhomechand khaba Manipur co-ordinator was also there.

There were four rounds out of which ten finalists were sorted out then five finalists then to the title winners. Traditional, Casual, Theme and Evening Gown.

Traditional round titled Mekhela, Go Green Dance, and the Jury question round. From the question round five contestants make it to the final round where contestants questioned one another and the jury decide for the title.  

The Jury ask me of my role model. I answered “my mother because my mom is one what I exactly want to become in future as she is kind and compassionate. She extended her helping hand and shares her blessing to the people who are in need of much help”.

“Luckily I got through and was among the five finalists says. The final round was interesting as the contestants had to answer the question of fellow contestants who make it to the final round. It was like I have to make a tough question and answer a tough question at the same time. I was asked about One Horn Rhino and I answered somehow “says Viteshori.

The question she put up in to her competitor was “if u were born as a cockroach what will you do for the society.” She received a cash award of Rupees 30 thousand.

Viteshori loves dancing and keeping her room clean. She is the daughter of Waribam Landhoni and Waribam Harikumar of Lamphel PDA Complex. She likes wearing unique dresses and met her friend who has participated in beauty pageant. Her interest grew and she joined the Fashion industry.

She have completed three month course in Gyanand Beauty Academy and she is continuing her course. She came to know about this academy through a friend. In the beauty pageants she gets support from Gyanand and Bhomechand both faculty of the Academy

“Personality development, communication skill, hair style and even skin doctor use to come and guide us on certain things which are an exclusive learning for me. Professional designers teach us about the colour tone of dresses which we can perfectly know how to get up and dress well.

We are like in a class room, pronunciation and question and answer round for confidence building is interesting. I attend classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 4 to 5.30 pm. On Sunday we have 5 hours classes (11 am to 3pm)”, expressed Viteshori.


“Although I took regular class I don’t have self-confidence and self-esteem In short I don’t believe myself. Our teacher Bhomechand assessed me of my weakness and i requested for extra class and he helped me overcame my weakness.

Message to the youth and modelling career in Manipur.

Being a women fashion is much needed. Fashion trend is very good. We bring more development in our traditional and garment industry I wish youths to join the fashion industry.

Fashion show is highlighting the wide range of products to the mass.

Modelling in day to day life.

Models did not get a high status in Manipur like in other States. For me it is a turning point, my fondness for unique thing seems discovered and it is making me happier every passing day.


Food – Utti Kangsoi

Birthday – 21st April

Fav singer – Avril Lavinge (I admire her she added)

Name a festival in Manipur where you find majority of the people well dressed.

Manipur Sangai Festival. 

Redymenan – Bagged a title of best traditional model in the recently concluded Mr North East competition held at ITA complex Guwahati. “I am glad to have represented our culture and tradition in a multistate platform.  My award winning dress was designed by Gyanand depicting the wear of ancestral king”, says Redymenan in an exclusive interview.

Redymenan won a cash prize of Rs 20,000 with a memento at Mr Northeast. His career as a model started during his college days at Bangalore where he walked the ramp in a college event. When he came back to Imphal he decided to participate in Man Hunt Contest and took the guide from Designer Sailex who guided him on Ramp walk. Luckily he clinched the Man Hunt 2013 Title organised by MIMS.

His interested grew and took advance training from Gyanand Academy before his appearance at Mr North East. Personality grooming and other added skills were highlight of the training period.

One or two representatives from each State annually are selected for the Mr North East contest. Every State has a coordinator for Mr Northeast and Miss North East. Kavita Keisham from Keishampat Jilla Leirak is the State Coordinator for Manipur. She selected me and Sadananda from Manipur who also bagged a title and we participated. Models from different background use to mingle here and it is a big experience. Event organiser Abhijit Singha a designer is the organiser of Mr North East and I wish models from Manipur bring more achievement in future.




He is the son of Yumnam Rajendro and Yumnam (ongbi Bala devi). Career wise he is aspiring to become an army officer. He completed his B Sc from Bangalore University. He is 27 years old now. Modelling was his hobby since early time.

Manipur has more platforms for ladies. Miss Manipur, Orange, Pineapple, Kut. Lots of beauty contest for them. Men models are not encouraged except for manhunt. This might be the reason why men models are lacking from the State. I hope that there are lots of potential men models who are really talented and who can achieve at the national level. I wish fashion promoters and encouragers would organised more events for men models in future.

A model needs to be physically fit. In the traditional round he should be in half bare body so physical training will be inclusive. Chances of getting into drugs are very less moreover personality grooming enhances the overall smartness of a person. It is very good for a youth to join modelling in the State.    

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